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The Good Fight vs Bad Fight – on the world’s highest mountain

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The Good Fight vs Bad Fight – on the world’s highest mountain

No sooner did I complete the Posting yesterday on this Blog about “The Good Fight” – written by Les and Leslie Parrott, and then I discovered another great example of a place that it could be well used.

The Place – Mount Everest in Nepal.  The people, professional “Mountain Climbers” and their Sherpas… at the 7,450 metre - 24,500 foot level on the world’s highest mountain.

It is a classic example of people getting into a fight that could turn lethal.  And it is also a good example of really stupid people doing really stupid things.

I side with the Sherpas on this one. The ego building and ego oozing professional “Mountain Climbers” are simply too stupid for words.

As I mentioned yesterday and as the Parrotts point out there are “Bad Fights” and “Good Fights”.

This reported fight was a Bad Fight on the part of the “Mountain Climbers” – in my humble opinion and based upon what I have read.  You decide by reading this article “Climbers and guides in “fight” on Everest”.

If you can’t get the article I will sum it up for you from what I understand.

The Sherpas were going about their business rigging more ropes and support for the climbers to go further.  They asked/told/instructed the “Mountain Climbers” to stay put.  The “Mountain Climbers” didn’t do that, they decided to climb on, a new route, on their own… without ropes... 

DUH! Isn’t that dumb or what.  But as I place quotation marks around the two words “Mountain Climbers” I am emphasizing the fact they are more special than the silly Sherpas – in their minds at least.  They will get the credit in other parts of the world for their great feat of climbing the mountain(s). They hold the records so to speak… but the lowly Sherpa climbed it ahead of time making it ready for the GREAT MOUNTAIN CLIMBER TO SET A WORLD RECORD!

Double DUH!

There was a fight – yes.  It happened high on the mountain.  It happened because the Sherpas were hurt when the dumb, know it all mountain climbing experts climbed above the Sherpas and knocked kicked loose ice that hit the hard working Sherpa below. The Sherpas were angry.

Later the Napalese stormed the expert’s tent and pelted the tents with rocks. At which time my imagination kicks in and the angry know-it-all “Mountain Climbers” came out to take on the “stupid locals”.

There were many punches and kicks exchanged. The observer that witnessed the brouhaha stated that "It was terrifying to watch - they nearly got killed,"

Ego is a terrible part of us. It demands that we let everyone know we will not back down. We will not be told. We will not listen to any instruction or good advice from others – because, you see, we are smarter and just better than you are(they are).

Ego comes out in the “mountain climbers” when they start thinking of their great accomplishments.  The article reported that – quote – “Ueli Steck, a Swiss national who holds climbing records, and Simone Moro of Italy, who has climbed the world's highest peak four times, were approaching the 7,470-metre (24,500 feet) Camp Three on Saturday when the bust-up occurred” end quote.

What these two experts forgot was that each time they set a record, the Sherpas helped them. The locals knew better than they did – but when it is set as a record, the “mountain climbers” got the credit.

Please note that I have removed the caps from mountain and climbers.  They fell down in my mind.

Ego is dangerous at 24,500 feet on the side of the world’s highest mountain.

Ego is also dangerous in a marriage, in parenting and every aspect of our life.  Ego makes it impossible to bend or yield – we must always be right because our Ego demands it.

“The Good Fight” by Les and Leslie Parrott does a great job in explaining how we get into “Bad Fights” and the potential for disaster.

BUT – and it is a Big but… I doubt that stupid, professional, mountain climbers would accept the book from me. I have considered mailing them each a copy… but a poor Sherpa would have to carry it up the mountain and down again.

I know some men in their marriage and homes that act like professional, mountain climbers… (you can add the word stupid if you like to).  They treat their kids as if they were stupid Sherpas.  They treat their wives as if they are lower than a Sherpa.  And these husbands/fathers are stupid.

Sorry guys… if you are wounded with my comments about your actions and reactions to your family (or Sherpas)… deal with it. Buy the book and read it.

I know one thing about the outcome to a fight on a high mountain.  It is likely best to say you’re sorry and then descend quickly.  Trying to push on to make your point will likely find you at the bottom of a really deep cliff because your Sherpa is not doing what you told them to do… mind you they were doing what they were supposed to do to keep the family safe.

Deal with it – buy the book!

BTW – it is available at – The Good Fight: How Conflict Can Bring You Closer

And you can learn more about Les and Leslie Parrott at “Drs. Les and Leslie” -


Some great resources on their Web Site

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