Thursday, April 11, 2013

I have seen the “Future” and I am excited about what is coming

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I have seen the “Future” and I am excited about what is coming

On Monday and Tuesday morning of this week I sat with the ‘future’.  And the ‘future’ is exciting.

At the moment I was sitting with the ‘future’ I was one of the examiners for students of one class of the Theological College in Peterborough – MCS – or Master’s College and Seminary.  And in front of me were an amazing group of College Students.  These young folks are the ‘future’ and leaders of tomorrow’s church.

Mind you they are very different from who I am.  They are young and excited. They are capable and ready. They are also scared skinny of someone like me that is old, able to read between their lines and also possibly fail them if they screw up their presentation.

However I didn’t do that last part. My wife had warned/instructed me to go easy on these kids.

But I was hard and they did an excellent job. The 9 young folk that I ‘examined’ did very well. They made learning a joy – and also demonstrated well that they had caught the vision of communication. And that is what the class was all about – they were teaching Sunday School – or Discipleship classes in a local church – supposedly.

In the terms of this style of teaching we use four words that sum up what they attempted to do for me – Hook, Book, Look and Took. A fish hook, a book, an eye and a hand are the symbols that help keep this thought in front of you while you are taking part in the adventure.

Each one did their Hook, Book, Look and Took in creative ways.  Pretty cool to say the least!

What was comical happened when I introduced myself. I told them how I was one of the people that had started teaching the methods of Hook, Book, Look and Took – when they were first introduced around the late 1960s and over to the late 1970s.  When I said that, one person in the one group groaned – uttering… “Oh no…! Now I know I am in trouble….”

That part was very funny.

Today I feel younger having taken this adventure together.

Way to go young people… you are the “Future” and I am loving what I see!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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