Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools Day - Fooled you - and all about Conrad Black

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April Fools Day - Fooled you - and all about Conrad Black
So – did you get “fooled” yesterday?  Remember it was April Fool’s Day and on that day people around the world try to pull jokes on others that will make them look like a fool.

I have had a few played on me as well.

But it is not just a practical joke on someone but also in larger sense on society as a whole – or larger audiences.

Yesterday as we traveled in the car, the CBC Radio interviewer was speaking to some person in B.C. about a possible appointment of a rather infamous person to the Canadian Senate(one of our archaic Government Institutions).

The interview was believable to say the least. The person being interviewed was downright upset – as was the Radio Host. Imagine… it was rumoured that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was about to appoint Conrad Black to the Canadian Senate!!!

Can you Imagine!!!?  Conrad Black - a convicted criminal that has spent his time in an American Prison, a filthy rich man that could care less about ordinary Canadians… and a man that has given up his Canadian Citizenship so that he could be appointed by the Queen as a “Lord” – a man with a “Sir” before his name!!! being appointed to the top position – The Senate – and given a guaranteed income for Life by our Prime Minister!!!

God help us all!

But remember it was April 1, 2013… and well they got me and a few other thousands of people across Canada with that one.

Good on you CBC interviewer. I loved that.  And the two of you did that so well.

In fact you did it so well… that before I wrote this I double checked that our Prime Minister might just have done this.  Too funny!!!!

But I have fallen for these kinds of pranks before.  In fact it is so often now that I have added the word “gullible” to my name plate.  Oh Boy! 

Thank goodness that the pranks can only be done on April 1… but then our Prime Minister has done some really strange things – and has appointed even more people to the Senate – all the while stating that he was going to abolish the Institution! Ha Ha – April Fools! Good one Stephen… good one!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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1 comment:

Stephen said...

They got me with this one, too! Very good joke.

By the way, the British Columbian they had on was Elizabeth May, Green Party. I should have known they wouldn't have her talking about anything serious. But she did a great job talking very convincingly, absolutely made me the fool.