Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Scooping out Trout at the Fishing Derby 2013

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Scooping out Trout at the Fishing Derby 2013

On the front page of one of our local newspapers, Clifford Skarstedt captured and published the best photo ever!  Totally amazing.  The photo he snapped was of an Osprey swooping after scooping a trout from the Canal below the Lift Locks in Peterborough.

Here it is…Peterborough Examiner

Now why is that amazing? 

Well it was last Saturday and they were hundreds of young fisher-people dipping lines into the water of the Canal. They were doing this as part of the Greenwing Event held every year by Ducks Unlimited for the kids of our community.

D.U. loads hundreds of Trout into the Canal, and then after registration of each young angler, the trout are pulled out one by one.  Each trout (fish) represents a potential prize as they have been tagged by organizers.

The excitement is so great you can feel it.

In the midst of the excitement and the waiting for a bite, the Osprey swooped in to show the kids how easy it was to catch a trout.

Clifford that shot was amazing!  You win the best catch of the day – without a doubt.

Our local tournament did have some controversy however.  A man and his teenage son swooped in also, before the tournament began, and caught the biggest fish named “Walter” – before the registration had begun.  They did it too early – and their catch couldn’t be qualified.  But they had caught the biggest fish – the winner – and couldn’t win. Arggh!

Boo to the two!  No buddy likes a cheater.

Thank You to Ducks Unlimited for a great day!

Thank you Clifford the wonderful photos – we all love them!

Addendum to my Post... Photo of Walter the Fish that was caught too early... story here

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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