Saturday, April 6, 2013

Celebrating with St Joseph – one more day

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Celebrating with St Joseph – one more day
Almost done… whew!

Yesterday I applied the almost last coat of paint to St. Joseph.  I am down to the smallest detail of applying the coats of paint to the gold trim on Joseph’s coat.

After 4 hours of painting and the intense concentration that I was doing I was wiped out – but at the same time totally satisfied.  A deep feeling of joy has swept over me as I come down to the last stages of restoring the colour to these beautiful statutes.

I began this work in September 2012, now 8 months later I almost done.  Jesus was first and he was ready for the Christmas celebrations at Sacred Heart Church, where he has stood faithfully for 109 years. Then came Mary, she was done in February.  Now Joseph is ready to join the others helping the faithful of the church to focus their prayers during their worship.

The intense concentration required allows a lot of time for thinking as well.  I have thought of the original artists and sculptures many times. These folk were simply amazing in my mind.  Their attention to detail and the very apparent love of what they did is so clear as I look closely at each statute.

I am going to miss this work stage. I have enjoyed the intensity of this project. I have savoured the involvement in this deeply spiritual activity. And the interaction with the folk that come and go through the church each day has been very good for my own life. I have many new friends that I have connected with in these 8 months.

Father Ervens shared something with me that has been a treasure for me. He told me that the church has been praying for me.  They have included me in their Mass at certain times. He also shared that each time someone prays because of the statute or at the statute, they will also be praying for me.

That is truly moving.  They have adopted me into their prayer.  They pray for me!

As a Protestant and an evangelical that is out on the limb of the theological tree, entitled “Pentecostal” I am deeply moved.   I have never thought that a Catholic would pray for me… or even consider it as a possibility.  That is truly mind blowing!

So much has changed in my life over these years. It is humbling to say the least.

I cannot say more at this stage. This morning I am ready to meet with Joseph again… more gold paint to be applied today.

I have a few more hours of thinking to do.

 ~ Murray Lincoln ~
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