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My Mom’s mumbling, the Premier of our Province and the protestors

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My Mom’s mumbling, the Premier of our Province and the protestors
Here is the setting for this story… my Mom is 92 years old. She attends a Senior’s program at the Activity Haven each Tuesday.  We drive her there each Tuesday morning and pick her up in the afternoon.  Then on the way home we sometimes do some Q&A about her day.

You know… like you did with your children when they came home from school each afternoon… or maybe it happened around the dinner table with the telling of stories.

In my Mom’s case I am not always sure I understand what she is saying.  My hearing is not good and Mom mumbles.  This is not a good combination to put together in the vehicle as we drive home.

First conversation… Mom said, “There were lots of people today act my group.  Lots of people with cameras and important people…”

I waited for more.  Then she said, “I said to the lady beside me, ‘That is the Premier of the Province’, but she said, ‘No it’s not… that is a woman!’”

Mom insisted to the lady that it was the Premier of the Province of Ontario.  But no one knew for sure. She must be important with all the cameras and lights around the room – and the room was full of younger people buzzing around this one woman.

About half of my Mom’s group is not altogether with it. They along with my Mom come for activation.  Some like my Mom are very sharp and know what is taking place around them. Others in the group can’t remember what they had for breakfast.  It is quite a mixture of dear old folk.

Now whoever thought that it was a great idea to have the buzz through Premier of our Province stop into my Mom’s group – needs to think again. Too darn funny!!!

Yes it was the Premier along with her security detail and other local politicians hoping to get a photo op with the new gal leading Ontario’s Government.

But – poof – outside the Activity Haven Centre the Premier was met by angry protestors who want cheap electricity but do not want Wind Turbines being built or working anywhere near their properties.  By waving their placards and shouting protesting words at the little woman – they thought she was told properly about their anger and hatred and downright miserable feelings about their issues!  So there! Put that in your hat and smoke it!

Premier Kathleen Wynne was hustled into the building to pump a few hands, see all the cute old people sitting around the large table waiting for their soup and sandwich. The she was whisked out to do more stuff somewhere in our city.

The old lady turned to ask my Mom, “Who was that?”  Mom tried to explain again but knew the question would come again.

Yep there must be an election in the works – and coming soon. 

The leader of the NDP, Andrea Horwath was at Fleming College pumping hands of young voters and listening to their job concerns – No Work When you Graduate!

In all it was a fine cold day in Peterborough.  Lots of wind blowing and it was very cold.

The Premier got an earful.  She shook hands with people that still wonder who she is… The NDP Leader made promises that she won’t be able to keep.  And a few angry, blowhards with stood a mighty wind to outside to protest the making of electricity from wind power… their protest is that the sound of the wind and the turbine turning will make them sick.

 My Mom mumbled again…

I wonder what yesterday cost me as a Tax Payer?  Too funny – too darn funny!

 ~ Murray Lincoln ~

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