Friday, April 5, 2013

The celebration for Jonah Van Spronsen and my tears of joy!

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Jonah and Samson wacthing the big screen announcing their special gift
The celebration for Jonah Van Spronsen and my tears of joy!
What I heard and what I saw yesterday made tears come to my eyes.  I took my glasses off and wiped my eyes… even though lots of people watched me.  I cry when something touches me deeply.

What caused this reaction from so deep within?

Yesterday we were invited to Jonah Van Spronsen’s school to attend a special school assembly.

It was a big secret that was kept from Jonah and his brother Sam.  There teachers at school and also all his friends kind of knew about what was happening – but it was kept as a surprise from the boys.

The “Sunshine Foundation” along with volunteers in the community together are making it possible for Jonah to be able to go to Disney Land. It was Jonah’s “wish” that he expressed months ago. The Sunshine Foundation is dedicated to helping make “wishes” of kids possible.

In the school assembly with all of the school listening and watching the announcement was made by projecting Jonah’s story on the big screen.

Jonah is deaf and he watched his sign language interpreter as his own photos came on the big screen… then the announcement of Jonah’s trip to meet Mickey Mouse and all his friends.

Jonah also cannot speak with is mouth and tongue – but he does very well with his hands and his whole body!!!

When the announcement was made the whole school clapped their hands expressing their joy!  Jonah clapped his hands as well… but then something neat happened. In sign language you raise your two hands and twist/rotate them rapidly in the air.  The entire school, students and teacher and guests all did the same. The room was silent and all hands waved in the air. Jonah turned around and grinned – everyone was talking his language.

That is when the tears came to my eyes!  What joy – what support – and Jonah loves it.

No, Jonah is not sick with cancer.  Jonah was born with some very difficult physical conditions.  It is called “CHARGE Syndrome”. In Jonah’s case it is hearing/communication impairment and severe heart conditions.

The medical experts told Jessika and George that Jonah would likely never walk.  Today he not only walks but he also runs.  He is very sharp and very active – he is all boy!

I was there the day Jessika and George were married. I performed their marriage ceremony.

I was also there the very difficult night that Jonah was born. I happened to be at the hospital for “On Call Chaplaincy” and met his grandmother in the hallway.  She was beside herself as she described what was taking place.  During the birth of Jonah they had lost his Mom. She had flat lined on the delivery table.  I rushed to the delivery suite to see what I could do.

Jessika was just coming around and the first person that she saw was me… with one of the ceiling pot lights around my head. When she tells the story today she states clearly that she thought that she was dead and in heaven.   It is a good story when she tells it.  It involves all that Alida and I have done with this small family and all the miracles that have happened.

Jonah has had 49 surgeries so far in his young life – and their will likely be more. Many times they could have lost him on the operating table – but each time he has recovered.

When we all raised our hands and waved them wildly – we all celebrated yesterday… and I cried!

 ~ Murray Lincoln ~
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