Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Coming Back Home – with my family and friends in Saskatchewan and Alberta – Part Three

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Coming Back Home – with my family and friends in Saskatchewan and Alberta – Part Three

Whoa!  It has been one week since I posted to this blog.  I can’t believe it. One week without spilling out my words. Needless my mind is full of many wonderful memories that have taken place over these past two weeks.

We have traveled 3000 kms and driven a huge circle with 6 stopovers across Saskatchewan and Alberta.

We have met many, many relatives and friends – and connected with dozens of new friends. It has been a trip of a life time.

In Calgary at one reunion of the Lincoln Cousins I came together with folk that I have not seen for many years. In one case one of my cousins and I had not seen each other for 53 years!  Hard to believe but true!  She and I knew about each other but have always lived on opposite sides of the country – for a whole lifetime.

Regular blogging will begin in a day or two… when I sort out all that I have taken in and mulled over. After I think through the wonderful thoughts that have collected in my memory bank I will be able to write better.

Finally… a big surprise happened last evening.

We began our first adventure with a birthday party for my sister-in-law Bobbie at the “Prema Pasta” in Regina – with wonderful homemade pasta dishes.

Last evening we again met at “Prema Pasta” with our good friends from Peterborough, Ontario… Roy and Debbie Craft.  They are in Saskatchewan for the Graduation of their son-in-law Mike.  We had a ball meeting with our friends over great food and a wonderful time together.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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