Monday, December 19, 2011

What was Your Best Christmas Gift and Why?

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Today’s Blog Post

What was Your Best Christmas Gift and Why?
Over the years you have received a lot of gifts I am sure. Some you can remember and others you will not.

May I ask you which one stands out in your mind as being the best? What age were you when you received it? Can you smell it after all these years? What was the colour? What sound did it make? How did it feel against your cheek when you hugged it?

Wham. Bam. Wow! The memory came back and the item came back to your mind – even though you have not thought of that one for years!

I remember sitting on a couch when I was about 12 years old. We were watching the black and white TV. I was holding my brand new Hockey Stick that my sister had given me. With Dad’s help she had chosen to give my brother and me the new sticks.

I held the stick close to me and leaned my face on it. The smell was of new electrical tape, the cloth kind, that was wrapped around the stick to help protect it and help you make better shots. The hard wood of the stick had a smooth polish on it – the right from the factory smell guaranteeing that it was brand new. Wow what a rush!

Our gifts had all been opened that morning and we were waiting to go out later and play hockey on the outdoor ice rink at the end of the street.

About 7 or 8 years before that at another Christmas I remember opening that one heavy package that was wrapped with the bright coloured paper. There inside was that amazing wine coloured Jaguar car. It was made of metal and the steering wheel moved back and forth making the front wheels steer. The rubber tires had that fresh rubber smell and the paint on the body was cool against my cheek as I held it close.

These two old but still new memories came back today as I looked through my old Library of my Mind. It took just moments to retrieve them as I thought about the two old and very small houses that our family lived in at the time.

The shiny new linoleum on the floor glistened as my brother and I slid across it with our news socks we got from Grandma. It was like skating inside with no ice. Mom had polished the floor to protect it…. What fun!

Yesterday afternoon in the Mall we sat eating our food. I looked up and saw a funny looking old guy with a scraggly beard. His clothes were kind of old and he was alone. There didn’t seem to be anyone with him.

His face is now stored in my Memory forever.

There was a young lady across the way from where we were sitting. She was with her husband and baby. She nodded and smiled. Last time I saw her she was about to get married and there was no baby planned yet. That was a few years ago now. But we still recognized each other.

As I roll on and on with the memories I am thinking that this year’s best gift is the ability to remember and have such a rich Library in my Mind. The ability to draw out the right book at the right time is a little slower now but the oldest books with all that they have in them are the best. They come easiest and are the richest.

The computer game I played two days ago isn’t there the same. The Password for my computer programs are only brought back by opening the file that I stored them in. That stuff just became part of my life in the last few years.

The hockey stick and the wine coloured Jaguar were there first. And they are the best ever!

Memories so rich and full. I love them and need to sense them over and over again.

How about you?

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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