Friday, December 30, 2011

Poker Players Problems

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Today’s Blog Post

Poker Players Problems

I have watched the Poker Players on TV from time to time. They seem to be ordinary guys and gals. But they also win huge amounts of money in the games that they play making them less than ordinary. It is not out the usual to win stacks of money that may total into the hundreds of thousands of dollars – or more… and that is just from one game.

A fleeting thought one day came to me, what happens when these folk go home? They are well known now from the TV program and the amount that they have won was shown on TV. The potential that they are multimillionaires is very great. If not millionaires, then fairly close to it.

What would I do with the extra money that I might get – soon?

Now in case some of my “friends” that read this Blog suddenly go ballistic and start a rumour that I am playing Poker… I am not – I could never control my facial expressions when I get a good hand!

Well one example of the problems with extra money comes from the story this morning about Jonathan Duhamel, an ace poker player from the Montreal area.

The news today stated that the police now have some folk in custody that were involved in the robbery of Jonathan at his home. One of the folk that robbed him was a former girlfriend of a few months back. She came back to his home with some “friends” that then beat Mr. Duhamel to a pulp… and stole his money and things.

Can you see the problem of being rich and well known? Add to that a person that you let into your life has come back to do you great harm??? Whoa!

I mean if I won lots of money – or made lots of money I would think the best place was to put it in the bank immediately! Wouldn’t you? But this dude went and bought a Rolex Watch – which was taken in the robbery.

Looking back over this year I can see the potential danger for us. My wife is a gambler and so is my mother. Both of them do this Reader’s Digest gambling thing. They both fill out the crazy forms and mail them off each time the new offer comes. It could be that one of them will win big time… and our house will become known as the place that now has a Million Dollar Winners living there.

Can you see my fear? When my 91 year old mother wins big, and she is convinced that it will happen, she will be all over the TV and the Newspapers. Do we really need that?

She has a habit of talking to complete strangers when she walks to the store sometimes. One day last summer she came home to tell us about a little less than lovely lady that had befriended her while she was sitting on a bench in the store. The lady told mom how she was down on her luck and had lost her father, had very little money left and didn’t know how she would pay the rent. Mom liked her and gave the lady her telephone number and address… Good Lord I hit the roof when that happened!

We don’t want to be a Good Samaritan to a lady like this that has a good story.

Nope the lady never called. But if my mom wins big someday soon… we may have a visitor or two.

I have come to think about this a lot and the story of the Montreal Poker Player kind of brings it back to me again. It is good not to tell anyone that you have money, or that you received a lump sum payment or whatever!

I wear a Wall Mart watch that is worth about $15. I am on a pension that is not changing. I can’t make any huge around the world trips. BUT if my wife wins… or my mother wins… “Houston… we have a problem!”.

This started out to be a good day until I read about the Poke Player and his problems with former friends.

Oh Boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


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