Thursday, December 15, 2011

Justin Trudeau’s comical use of words in a tragic time

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Today’s Blog Post

Justin Trudeau’s comical use of words in a tragic time

What a Hoot! The truth is finally out. The Members of Parliament are spreading manure within the House of Commons – our Canadian Government’s top place of making the best and biggest decisions that affect all of our lives.

What am I talking about? Well yesterday Mr. Justin Trudeau finally had enough and he said the word “S-H-I-T” in the House of Commons! Go figure. The son of the man that claimed to have said “Fuddle Duddle” in the same politically charged room.

In later interviews with reporters he claimed that he lost his temper and had enough of the Conservative Party’s method, statements and actions. He couldn’t take it anymore. He had just been listening to Peter Kent, the MP from Winnipeg, Manitoba area describe in a condescending way that another MP wouldn’t have even asked a question if she would have been at the Durban Conference in South Africa.

From what was reported in a number of sources the Conservative Party, also known as the Majority Government of Canada, blocked all the other party members from attending the Conference. So Mr. Kent’s answer to the MP’s question was anything but fair. He wouldn’t let her go and then chided her for asking questions about it.

Worse yet… or I should say… further to this… the Majority Government pulled out of any agreement affecting climate and all things Global Warming. It seems that the Majority Government has made its mind up. Because it is a majority and it is all powerful – it has declared that there is no such thing as Global Warming – the issue is dead and the rest of the “opposition” in our Parliament needs to get over it!

Mr. Justin Trudeau has said a nasty word that many people use when they are frustrated – S-H-I-T!

Now granted he could have used “CRAP” which might have been more tolerable. Or he could have used the word “FECES”, or “STOOL”, or maybe “Fertilizer”… or maybe “Male Bovine Excrement” (my favorite). But all of these and more are too hard to use when S-H-I-T is shorter, smaller and seems to be picked up better by the sound system of the House of Commons.

Justin Trudeau has simply said what most of the Canadians outside of the House of Commons think about what happens inside – all the time! Shame on you Justin for letting our secret out of the bag!!

In the push to get things done the Majority Government formed by the Conservatives pushed through a huge bunch of legislation like a steam roller just before they break for Christmas. It has been frustrating for Justin Trudeau as well as anyone that is not Conservative.

There was no way that the parties that are not the majority party could raise any questions or have any points brought forward at all. The Majority Conservatives don’t want to listen – they simply must have it their way.

One Bill that was passed in a hurry was dealing with a great number of Crime items and how we deal with B-A-D People. The Majority Government is getting real tough on Crime and Criminals. They know what is B-E-S-T!

Last week as I visited the Millhaven Institution and listened at length to the folk that work there. They presented how the Correctional Services Canada – CSC is dealing with the Criminals coming into the system. They told of they struggled to house the offenders that are coming in and the difficulty that the whole system is having with the increase of the numbers being housed in Prisons of Canada.

It appears that the Tough on Crime idea that our Majority Government is pushing forward is working. More men and women are not getting out. There is less and less chance of men coming home the way that they used to.

But no new prisons have been built. The numbers are rising. And when that happens the dangerous criminals are forced into the same sized cell that housed one person before… there are now two men using that space. In some cases three men are using the same sized space. Double bunking and triple bunking are now almost complete. When will four people in one small room that is six feet wide and 8 feet long… happen?

Oh – did you know that all budgets are being cut back to save the Majority Government money?

So in one area that I do know about… more men and women are coming into prison with the Tough on Crime policy and less and less are getting out… and no new Prisons are being built. Hmmm?

When will the first riots begin? And who will be fired for letting the riots take place? B-U-T how many will die in the riots that may come?

How soon will the “Hep C” and other sicknesses that are a problem now… evident in many places… become the greatest tragedy of all times?

B-U-T when you are Majority and you K-N-O-W B-E-S-T… that really doesn’t matter at all. It was the other Governments before this majority one that caused all the problems! E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E knows that.

Justin you are young. You don’t always think before you speak. But unless someone like you will stand up and says it like it is… there will be a tragedy coming soon like we can hardly imagine.

Oh C-R-A-P, F-E-C-E-S, S-T-O-O-L, F-E-R-T-I-L-I-Z-E-R, or plain old MBExcrement – you shouldn’t say S-H-I-T in Parliament!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


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