Friday, December 2, 2011

Escaping the Nutso World

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Today’s Blog Post

Escaping the Nutso World

Way too much emotion and human type problems to deal with today! They seem to come in waves that overwhelm. I simply want to escape!

How do you escape on a tight budget? It is not possible when the money is tight and the responsibilities are even greater.

I have found a few special places to escape – getting away for long periods of time during the day. Would you like to go there too?

Well if you are reading this Blog you are very close to the Portal that takes you there.

So if you need the trip today – away from where you are now… try these… With one click of your mouse you can get away. After clicking you are simply sucked into the screen of your computer monitor and you feel the elation of leaving it all.

Actually when I started these trips away it was by accident. One friend sent one link and away I went. I was in the USA in heartbeat. Next I was in Norway… then swoosh I was in Thailand.

And poof… away went the time I needed to get the job done.

Computer holidays are great… short breaks in the middle of a busy day… poof and away goes your time.

This morning I spent a good hour after waking up with my many different videos that I found online.

There is YouTube dot com, an old favorite. But there is also Wimp dot com.

I love Wimp. The videos loaded here are so unusual.

Take for example..

How babies are made -
And a Football Game with a crazy ending
And the hail storm in Arizona
And the Kitten and the Parakeet
And the Monkey stealing the Grape
And the RC jet Plane
And one of my favorite ones the Bear and the Deer Hunter

But here is another favorite as of today’s journey away… the Coolest Guy in the World

Oops I just lost valuable time this morning. But it feels good.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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