Sunday, December 18, 2011

“Memory is the library of the mind.”

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Today’s Blog Post

“Memory is the library of the mind.”

“Memory is the library of the mind.” ~ Francis Fauvel-gourand

I came across this amazing quote in the last little while and have been thinking about it lots. This is especially true with Christmas 2011 just days away. In one week’s time we will be making memories for this year – and they will be added to the Library of our minds.

My wife has been placing the Christmas Tree Ornaments on our tree again. Every once in a while we have looked over the special ones that we have added over the years. Each year we have added more. The Tree becomes a Library all of its own with each tree decoration with great memories.

On top of our tree we do not have the traditional Angel mounted. Our Angel is the next row down. The top has a flickering bulb that is part of the Birthday Candle that tops our tree for over FORTY YEARS! When our girls were very young we started decorating our tree as if it were a Birthday Cake for Jesus. Everything on our Christmas all these years has focused our kids and our grandkids attention on the fact that we celebrate a special season where we remember Christ’s birth.

This tree is covered with memories from all the places and all the ages we have lived together. It is a Memory Tree as well as being a Birthday Tree.

The celebration of Christmas has certainly changed for me over the years. As a boy it was different for me. We didn’t have all the toys that the kids get today.

I can remember that we would get maybe one toy car or something like that. But as time went by Dad and Mom had more money and salaries were perhaps increased a little each year. Christmas grew into more.

Even as I write these words the Library in my Mind has been sizzling with activity as new and longer ago memories have come rushing to the forefront. WOW!

This is my 67 Christmas with my Mom. She is now 90 and will celebrate her 91st birthday in January. She is not as spry as she used to be… much slower and not able to move as fast. But her memories of the way it used to be and all the fun times we had within our home and family are still there. Her memories are just as clear as they were when they happened.

There are times I realize now, that I need to be recording more of what was said about those old days… as she speaks about them. But even now her voice is not able to do what she wants it to do. It is now harder to hear what she says. (Partly my own hearing – but the rest is her getting it out.)

Today I am simply relishing the wonderful library that I have stored away deep inside. But I too realize that I need to get it to paper so that the family will know what happened way back when we lived through the life we had.

Wonderful memories… simply wonderful.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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