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2012 Welcome and Thank You 2011 for all the lessons

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Today’s Blog Post

2012 Welcome and Thank You 2011 for all the lessons

I am standing on the door step of 2012… just about ready to cross over into a whole new year!

As I begin to write this piece for the Blog I did some rough calculations. I have now completed 8745 hours of living in this past year – of 8760 that will be done at midnight tonight. I have been awake about 5900 hours of that time. And in those hours there have been many lessons.

My how the time has flown by! It seems just like yesterday that I was sitting and doing much the same kind of thing… typing a posting for my Blog.(see Link to that post below)

Together with all the events of 2011 I am thankful for all the great things that have happened… and even the not so great ones.

No so great – was yesterday when I backed into the front left fender of the little car behind me. No damage at all… only a light bump on her front left wheel. The Mall Lot was full cars and many were looking for and trying to be first into the parking spaces. I was exiting one and the young gal was hoping to get one down further. Bump! Thankfully there was no damage – just my nerves shaken up! And I think I destroyed her shopping day!

The great ones were the many shows and opportunities that we have had with Misty Hollow Carving and the Misty Hollow business. We have met thousands of people in the course of being in the community.

In 2011 it has really sunk in I have completely transitioned to a non-pastoral mode. In fact it is good to be what I have become – free of church pressure and politics. It has taken almost three and half years to see that all removed. And does it every feel good!!

This past week in another Mall I bumped into a fellow minister that is younger than me. His church has been bounding forward and the attendance has almost skyrocketed. The youth group alone has grown from a handful to now averaging over 200 per week – sometimes as high as 300+.

When I shook his hand and asked how he is doing, he smiled a little and then said, “Not so good. I have resigned my church. You may have heard (I hadn’t). I have some major health problems now…” Then he told me what they are looking at with his issues.

This young minister has about 10 more years to go before he is able to retire… but in one fell swoop it appears that his ministry is over. What a terrible way to end the year.

I assured I would be praying for him.

I walked away and thought I am free of all of that. The pressure has been great for this friend. The things he has faced are huge in this past year. Now he has to step aside.

I am free of all that… sorry I know I said it already… it is really sinking in now. F-R-E-E of it all… and living great!

I read this morning that Mayor Rob Ford in Toronto has some huge personal problems that are coming to light. There seems to be domestic problems inside the house. A newspaper report (see Link Below). It seems that a number of 911 calls have come from his home… the most recent one was on Christmas Day when it was reported that.. quoting the Toronto Star reporter…
“On Christmas, Ford’s mother-in-law called police between 4 and 5 a.m. to report that the mayor had been drinking and was taking his children to Florida against the wishes of his wife, Renata.” End quote

The Newly Elected Mayor and full of power… even sitting on the Police Services Board… now another side is showing. Using the 911 call for a domestic disturbance is serious business in the police’s eye… women die in these situations.

Yet, being elected to the highest position in the most powerful, world class city – as the Mayor – has not given Rob an easy ride.

I am FREE of all that… completely FREE. No more pressure. A whole lot less family stress and we can live normal lives now… not the one of the Fish Bowl Family – that every Minister knows (right along there with the Mayors of Cities!)

2011 has taught me more than anyone can imagine. I accept the lessons and look forward to 2012 with excitement.

I know that there will likely be challenges and some wee problems that will come our way… maybe even bigger than wee… but the wonderful things will compensate for what will be uncomfortable. And through it all I am FREE of that other stuff… very FREE.

In these last hours of 2011 I can Thank God for his Guidance, his Grace and his great Love for me and my family. It was because of what he did for me that I am here. Truly… Thank You Lord for every bit of it!!!

Welcome 2012 – I am looking forward to all 8760 hours of living!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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