Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tatting Display at the Lang Pioneer Village’s Christmas by Candlelight 2011

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Today’s Blog Post

Tatting Display at the Lang Pioneer Village’s Christmas by Candlelight 2011

Each year Lang Pioneer Village has a special Christmas Presentation entitled “Christmas by Candlelight”. It is a celebration of everything of the past. Without a doubt the families love this presentation and celebration. There are hundreds of them that come for these two nights.

In 2011 – it was held on December 3 and 4th at the Village – from 5 PM till 9 PM.

I have been an guest of the Village and a Volunteer in the Hastie Carpenter Shop for most of the happenings at the Village. But at the Christmas by Candlelight I am a Lace Maker. And with that designation I demonstrate my Tatting and Bobbin Lace making.

It has been great joy to share these very old crafts.

The most exciting thing about the most recent things happening is the brand new interest there is in Lace Making now. As a result of the last few shows I have now lined up a half dozen new students that will begin soon.

My newest Tatting that I have added to the ancient tatted pieces at my display are my Tatted Tea Pots and my Tatted Jewelry (where Tatting is applied to new Pendants). Both of these have attracted much interest.

My Tea Pots are all retired from full time service after chipped, cracked or simply not needed any longer. They have been sadly discarded at different used furniture stores and the like. My wife has found them everywhere.

The Tea Pots have become a new canvass to present the tatted designs. The comments about them are amazing. People love them!

The jewelry that has tatting on it is highly sought after. This is my first showing and I sold some right off the bat. That is a good indicator of what could happen down the road.

Each piece is completely unique and I am not likely able to buy another one of this kind. So the idea of having something that absolutely no one in the world owns places a fairly high value on each one. Yet my price has remained low per unit.

Last evening was very successful. Tonight should be the same. Our weather has been good and the people are excited about Christmas.

I offer the photos at the end of this post to show you what I am doing.

I hope to have my tatting up on my Tatting Blog sometimes this week.

Gotta run. I sold many small things last evening… and I need to tat long and fast today.

~ Murray Lincoln ~


My Tatting at Lang Pioneer Village

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