Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not So Good Memories – Some Christmas Memories and Christmas Times are very hard

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Today’s Blog Post

Not So Good Memories – Some Christmas Memories and Christmas Times are very hard

For the past few days I have written about those warm fuzzy feelings that come from my childhood days. The times when Christmas gifts and their memory were stored deep within our minds with wonderful memories.

But Memoires are not always so good. The years that tragic things take place in our lives leave a deep memory that we would just like to erase – or never have had it happen.

It is during some of my celebration times, when we have Christmas again, that I am reminded that not everyone is celebrating in wonderful ways.

Last week (December 14, 2011) I wrote about Junior Cobb, the great wood carver that had passed away. I wrote about how his life had affected/touched mine and what I intended to do with what had happened.

Since writing about Junior Cobb I have not stopped thinking of this man and his family.

Last evening I received a response to my Blog Posting about Junior Cobb. The response was from Junior Cobb’s daughter, Kathy Ann(or KathyAnn?). And it was my great honor to have Kathy Ann to take the time and send her words my way – for all to see.

To help you understand better about this thinking of Memories… and the not so good ones… I am reposting Kathy Ann’s words to all of us. Many may not go back and look at the words at the end of the post I made.

From Kathy Ann – Junior Cobb’s daughter.. quote…
“I am Junior Cobb’s daughter. I gave up five years of my life to take care of my father and he was a great dad but within those five years he started getting worse in health problems. I was doing it because he was my dad and last year in December my dad and my boyfriend both found out they had cancer. So I was having to take care of both of them and as days went by it was getting harder on me. But I was trying my best to do what I could. Then my boyfriend passed away on May the 28 and I had put my dad in the nursing home on June 1. Then I felt bad so I decided to get him out again. But I just couldn’t do it so I had to take him back. That’s where he had passed away but anyway I just thought people should know my part of the story my email address is kathyann64@hotmail.com

End quote and pause… (KathyAnn – I changed it a bit with some punctuation to help other folk catch it better)

Thank you Kathy Ann for letting us not forget what has happened to you over this past year. I am hoping that you will know how much I appreciate what you did for your boyfriend and your dad. No one will ever know just what you have gone through.

Thank you for being the “Angel” that both of these men needed so much. God has truly blessed you with an ability to care.

But having said all of that, you have helped me to not forget the many that are suffering deeply this year with the loss of someone close to them.

I have a cousin that has lost her son this past few months when he committed suicide. I can’t fathom how they will face Christmas this year. There will be one empty place on the couch as they open presents. There will be one empty chair at the table where he sat as a growing boy for Christmas dinners.

I have another friend that lost his wife and still another than lost her husband. Each home has been suffering a “stillness” that is had to deal with. Each life has been turned upside down with loved one passing away.

Mixed with the wonderful memories of Christmases past and all the boyhood dreams are the memories of the great loss as well.

Today I was thinking of my own brother Glen Lincoln. Glen passed away 17 years ago now… just after Christmas time. He also was carving wood when he died.

His wife, my sister-in-law, Heather has lived on and raised two great kids. Woody is in college now and his sister is just beginning her next years after high school graduation. I am proud of them all. But I have not forgotten what happened and am saddened as the Memory comes floating to the surface.

Heather, if you read this, we think of you often and love you very much! And kids… your uncle loves you a whole bunch. Living so far away from each other makes it impossible to do much “Uncling”… but I remember you often.

All my boyhood stories include Glen. We did so much together and they are all Memories that I cherish deeply.

Oh boy… when the Memories flood up to the surface… sometimes a lump comes into my throat…

KathyAnn we are thinking of you today. You are not forgotten. Bless you richly!

Not so good memories mixed with the wonderful ones… is called Life.
~ Murray Lincoln ~

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