Saturday, December 17, 2011

Me and My Android on board the Galaxy Ace GT5830

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Today’s Blog Post
Me and My Android on board the Galaxy Ace GT5830

Okay I think I am ready. I have the “Thing” in my pocket and I am ready to take the next big step.

My pocket now has an Android in it. Who would have ever guessed that I would own one let alone have it in my pocket!?

Actually it is not the kind of Android that was first shown in the Star Wars mode. It is much smaller and thus the reason for being able to pocket it.

The android is the name of the operating system that is on board my new Galaxy Ace GT5830 phone thingie.

It beeps and leaps making weird noises in my pocket. It is almost alive. Yikes!

And this little gadget is nowhere near as fancy as some others are at the store.

It all began when my other old Cell Phone suddenly sprang to life and gave me the Text Message info that we were eligible for an upgrade at a ridiculously low price. What a thing to do for me just days before Christmas. As my wife and I looked over the offer, she said, “Merry Christmas to you…!” and I knew that it was mine! Wahoo!

As I look back now and think of what we have come through to this point in life. Wow!

I remember when we rolled into the farm of my Grandparents. It wasn’t long after we arrived that the big box on the wall would come to life with the sound of the bells inside signally that someone was calling someone on the line. The sound would be in combinations of Rings… i.e. One Long and Two Short Rings, which was different from Two Long and Two Shorts… or from One Long and On Short… and which was very different from the way that my grandma would pick up the receiver and turn the crank rapidly make on very long rings to wake up or call the Central Operator into action. She then would connect the right wires and send grandma’s call to the right person she was trying to get.

Now my new telephone will reach around the world in a heartbeat. I can Text my friend in Korea in a heartbeat… and if they are out of bed they will answer in the next heartbeat.

I can Facebook them, chat with them, Tweet them with Twitter, email them and even let them know exactly which restaurant or business I am in at the very moment I touch one button… and the Android will ask me which person is with me and if I wish to tell others that we are together.

Can’t yet figure out why I would want to let all my 1000+ friends on Facebook that I am in such and such a place at that moment. The ones in Africa or Asia will be in bed when I message them. Duh!?

Another Ap lets me touch the screen and immediately it will ask me where I want to go… it finds it and then shows me how to drive there, down to the very last step of the journey.

This gadget completely destroys the idea that Men will not ask directions or look at the Map to get somewhere quickly.

I can connect to the Internet anywhere, anytime, and at the same heartbeat again. It will do this via the telephone tower located somewhere close or far… or by Wi-Fi the way that it did in McDonalds McCafe this AM… and offered me more Wi-Fi connections of close by businesses.

The Samsung Galaxy GT5830 is a blow your mind telephone and very easy to use.

Oh and by the way – I was worried about not being able to type fast enough… or to tap the right letter on the screen’s keyboard… DUH – I don’t need to do any of that now. I simply slide my finger over the keyboard, rubbing against the glass screen and stopping above the letter I want and then slide over to the next letter – never leaving the glass… and each letter I stop over appears in my text that I am writing.

But if that is too hard I can simply touch the screen and then speak… my words are typed out before my eyes – as fast as I can say them. Holey Mokey – what next!?

Now I have a great need to connect with someone. But most people my age don’t have cell phones or fancy communicators of any kind. They were scared silly when all this came into play. They do well to find the remote and operate the thing to get to their favorite TV channel!

But this cell phone is not nearly the top of the line. It is less expensive and very easy to use. Even my old friends could use this one.

This cell phone comes from a service provider that offers all the bells and whistles. We have been with this service provider for only three years. Funny thing is that the program we signed up for is not offered any longer – it is very much out of date and a new, better, improved one for a little less money was available now.

I am still trying to understand what the heck I have available in my pocket. I have no idea what the pops and snaps are coming from it every once in a while.

I thanked the young lady at the counter of the Koodo cell phone company for taking it very slowly with my wife and me. She was about 24 years old – 1/3 my age… and she spoke slowly to help me catch on. God bless this little lady – what a jewel.

Before bed time tonight I am going to get some more Aps. I think I would like to get the one that has a big smile on the screen – that looks like a great cartoon mouth… and when you speak the cartoon mouth mimics my words and mouth.

I haven’t got a clue why I might need that… except maybe to commit a crime of some sort.

This is way too much fun for a grandpa! Whoa!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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