Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pettiness – Anger Escalation – What is next – suicide?

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Today’s Blog Post

Pettiness – Anger Escalation – What is next – suicide?

Last evening I was shocked with a Facebook Posting that arrived for me to read. A young lady who is about 11 threatened suicide – at least she wanted her life to end right now. I will call her Girl Number 1.

Her classmate, Girl Number 2, responded with a “likes this”. In other words Girl Number 2 would like to see here die.

I stopped my scrolling through this conversation and then clicked further into the many comments that were offered for me to read.

There is a Girl Number 3 that knows both of these kids that gets involved and offers her opinion.

An Uncle of Girl Number 1 makes a statement as well.

Then a Female Adult Number 1 offers some solace and tries to intervene. But Girl Number 2 and Girl Number 3 are also reading what is being said in this series of comments showing up on my screen.

Read this through and consider what should be done. Quote – the exchange on my Facebook.
Girl Number 1
i want my life to end right now
Response of Girl Number 2 – likes this.
Girl Number 2 lol thomas will give u a long talking thing to u if u post this on ur wall
Girl Number 1 u would like it u do want me out of the world i no
Girl Number 1 thats how much u hate me
Uncle of Girl Number 1 ur tellin me u might want to delete that little Ms Corrina
Uncle of Girl Number 1 and thats comin from Uncle Paul
Girl Number 1 no thank u i am sticking up for my self
Girl Number 2 no i hate it when u lie and be mean to me last year and mad me cry and i didn't do u nothing
Girl Number 2 well not very well
Girl Number 3 ‎1.Corrina i feel bad for you that u feel that way...
2.corrina Khadines only doing this cuz u bullied her laast year and made her cry
3. why r u guys fighting?/
Girl Number 2 cause last year being mean and being rude and lieing and being mean to cindy
Girl Number 3 ohhhh.....well corrina can u please stop being mean to my friend and no she doesnt want to to end your life shes not that mean!...
Girl Number 2 ya i don't i just don't like what u do to me and my friends
Girl Number 1well u should'nt make me do it
Girl Number 1 people get in my bisness that where all in it then its a big fight
Girl Number 2 no its ur thing till me what u told mr
Girl Number 2 me
Girl Number 2 so its ur pomblem not mine
Girl Number 3 Whats the point of this fight again!?!
Female Adult Number 1 Don't think that way darlin i love you so much i always have and always will love you just think of the poss things in life not the nag and you will be just fine hunnie sorry i couldn't stay and chat the other day and tell your sis i'm sorry to please and remember you have so many ppl in this world that love you so much you and your sister need to come over one of these weekends for a sleepover and if you ever need to talk im always here for you your a beautiful wonderful young lady and don't let anyone tell you any diff i love you sweetie XOXO
End quote.

Now consider these facts…
Girl Number 1 has 286 friends on Facebook
Girl Number 2 has 189 friends on Facebook
Girl Number 3 has 123 friends on Facebook
Adult Uncle has 790 friends on Facebook
Adult Female friend has 420 friends on Facebook – as well she is single, likes men and likes one night stands.

Pausing and taking a big breath…
I can remember back to my 11 birthday. My sister was 9 ½. My brother was 6. I had a good friend that lived across the street. We had fights and then we made up. There was no one else to play with except Barry. We couldn’t stay mad at each other for very long.

Mom would respond to my report about Barry and I being unhappy with what had happened by saying, “Okay let’s do something inside now. You need a time away from your friends.”

Being inside for a spell made you want to go outside and play again. Barry’s mom had told him something the same. When I came out Barry was waiting for me. We grabbed our baseball gloves and started playing catch. Soon were laughing again and having great fun.

We had no Facebook. We had only Faces.

What changed in 55 years of living? What makes a hatred brew in the lives of 11 year olds today?

Where are the parents in these things like Facebook? Who is watching what is being written and how their child is responding? And in their own family how do they respond to the sullen anger, the fits of rage, or the absolute quietness of their child?

I sound like I have an answer to what is happening in the complicated family of today. Well I don’t have an answer at all.

I am still reeling from the loss of young cousin. And in this situation I know they did all that they could to provide a good home and life for that 12 year old.

The loss of my young cousin has made me more aware and more ready to say something.

In the case of Girl Number 1, I did write to her in a direct message. Not in a message that is going to be viewed by all 286 of her friends but rather personally. I did tell her that I am concerned and will there to listen to her. I also told her about my young cousin and what has happened to the family since he left.

Pettiness? You better believe it! Anger escalation? Absolutely!

But then, the intelligent and sophisticated world that I live in is also impossible to understand.

Britain has just announced that it is expelling all of Iran’s diplomats from Britain. They have been given 48 hours to be off the soil of the British Isles.

Iran has sanctioned the burning of the Britain’s embassy in Tehran by street thugs. Then the thugs were not charged and have been released to go free.

And the thing that has caused all this was a report by the International Atomic Energy monitoring group. They have stated that it is possible that Iran is getting ready to make atomic bombs… by enriching uranium. Iran states that it is not doing that but rather it is happening for peaceful purposes.

This is not on Facebook but rather the National and International television news every day.

But then Girl Number 1 need only watch the Government of Canada and our own politicians in our own National or Provincial places of power. All these guys hate each other, scream insults at each other, tear each other to shreds and carry in a way that makes me embarrassed to watch.

I am watching my top leaders act like complete idiots at times and they call it democracy, leadership and the best we have to offer a really frightening world.

Yet when one of them is killed or dies from a cancer they will attend the funeral and say all kinds of nice things about the dead person.

How does an 11 year old see that this isn’t reality? At 67 years old I am confused completely!

God help us all. God help Girl Number 1 as she climbs out of her bed in a few minutes, as she then walks to school slowly, faces her Facebook friends and then goes through a really rough day.

God help many “someones” to stand up and tell a hurting world that this is just plain crazy, get a grip and be an example to 11 and 12 year olds.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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