Monday, December 12, 2011

A Police Dog’s Confusion – Where do you bite?

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Today’s Blog Post

A Police Dog’s Confusion – Where do you bite?

The theory is that when the Full Moon is out – so are all the crazies. Over the years I have witnessed that theory. And in the story I read today that is very true that one can imagine.

In California a man stole a vehicle. The vehicle wasn’t just any vehicle, it was a luxury one. Can you imagine trying to get away with a stretch limousine and it was a Hummer to boot!?

Now ad one more factor to this story. It is at night and with this guy’s area of expertise of car theft he chooses to do so when a Police Helicopter is on patrol. Police Helicopters have these huge and very bright lights on them shining down so they can follow the stolen car or the person running from the police.

Now add one more silly thing to this story that happens on a Full Moon Night, the dude is completely naked while driving the Hummer.

The Police chasing him didn’t know that part of the equation when they followed him for the 30 some miles in hot pursuit.

His nakedness was discovered by two beings as he exited the Hummer on a dead run.

One being was the camera operator onboard the helicopter. The other being was the Police Dog who was immediately in hot pursuit of this fast moving and sweaty car thief.

As I listened to the camera operator onboard the helicopter his explanation almost has a “grin” in it!

From the view in the helicopter you cannot hear what the dog must have been saying – with a BIG GRIN ON HIS FACE! You can only imagine.

Now remember that it is a Full Moon.

And remember that Police Dogs are smart.

And you should probably remember how Police Dogs are trained. They usually take down a fully clothed and well padded man. As he runs they catch up to their “thief” and grab the arm hanging down with one snap of the white fangs, dragging the guy to the ground.

Now use your imagination as the poor Police Dog realizes that this dude he is chasing is naked and running fast. My imagination runs wild here.

The Police Dog is going fast and then turns to his master and asks the question simply, “Now what? What do you want me to bite first? NO WAY! You have got to be kidding!!!?” and so on….

Take a look at Naked Man Fleeing Hummer Caught By Police Dog

This story and short video made my day. I think that the Dog is grinning from ear to ear now. He is wagging his tail in pure delight as he tells his Cop friends how much fun he had on this Full Moon.

There is a show on TV from time to time that describe the World’s Dumbest Criminals. The Dude with the new teeth marks on his body has to rank up there with some of the dumbest ever.

Too darn funny…

Think about it… what was the Dog imagining as he caught site of the white flash of skin just ahead of him. I did… and I know the Dog said, “I can’t wait to tell my Grandkids about this one…BUTTOCKS – Hokey Mokey!!!!”

Sorry. I offer apologies to all my serious readers. This one was just too good to leave alone!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Naked Man Fleeing Hummer Caught By Police Dog

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