Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Walk a Week in Their Shoes

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Today’s Blog Post

Walk a Week in Their Shoes

My head hit the wall beside me as I jerked back to consciousness. I had fallen asleep in the Improv Comedy last night. The students had done very well with their plays that they had written, produced and acted out… but I was bushed.

The business of the day together with all the fresh air had finally taken its toll. I looked at my wife and her eyes were closed as well.

We were wide awake for our grandson Clifford’s play that was at the end of the evening. The evening started at 7 PM and finished at 9:30 PM.

It was on the way home that I realized that Homework wasn’t all done yet… that was nearly 10 PM.

“Grandpa can I use your computer? I need to type out something for English. I forgot to do it this past weekend. It was due today…”

Questioning about this I found out that he needed to write something on the Thesis of a Book/Play that they were reading – he wasn’t sure about it… but is was due on Monday and now it was Monday night and it was not done. Sheesh! But later I found out that it was still in his locker at school so he would try to get it done at his lunch time on the school computers so it is ready for English in the afternoon.

That was after I printed out a Periodic Table for Chem or Physics.. or whatever – so grandpa found one and printed it out for him.

I am convinced now that a new Survivor/Reality Show would be a hit – and overnight success…

It will be called, “Walk a Week in Their Shoes”. It is very simple. Grandparents move into the home of their Grandkids and send their own children on a warm vacation somewhere south. Now to make it interesting, pit two sets of grandparents against each other in a Grandparent Run Off…

If the Grandparents survive the week. They can go for a holiday. If they fail… they must stay for two more weeks with the kids.

Any takers on this one?

The kids of course could be little or big… and there should be at least two.

I can see that it would be a great hit.

I would like to share more with you but I have to run and do something… not sure what exactly… but I must have to do something somewhere… some how… some way… for the kids.

Good Lord I am tired!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Thinking of you two--How are you doing?? And How do you do a Football Game in Carlton Place AND a Sale at Royal Gardns on Sat.???
Hang in there--the week is clipping along!!!