Monday, November 21, 2011

Check - Check - this is Family and we have things to do – Hats off to Parenting

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Today’s Blog Post

Check - Check - this is Family and we have things to do – Hats off to Parenting

Let’s see… today I have to remember that
Check - School starts at 9 AM – we have to leave the house at 8:30 AM
Check - School is out at 3:15 PM or so… Emma should be ready by then…
Check - Football practice begins almost immediately for Clifford until 5:30 PM
Check - Dinner has to happen fast as there is a School Play on at 7 PM for Clifford
Check - Then there is Homework to be done for both of them…
Check – Get lunches ready for the next morning
Repeat above for 5 days… Check – all except the school play on Monday night

Check – Clifford has Football Practice each night until dark – all week long
Check – Wednesday – Awards Night for Emma’s Football Team
Check – Saturday is the final football game near Ottawa – road trip 3 hours each way and a 2 hour game in the middle
Check – Sunday is church again, soccer and an annual business meeting at the church in the afternoon.

We have now become parents again – for one week. Two of our grandkids have moved in with us and it will be busy.

I am amazed that this routine is what goes on day after day, week after week without fail and little is forgotten in their home.

Our daughter and husband had a chance for a vacation which they really need. I think they flew out yesterday, however I wasn’t there to see them off. I was at a Soccer Game with Emma. (Our daughter may have just unplugged the phone and stayed home… too funny.)

I write this today to say I take my hat off to all parents with busy families.

From the outside we watch as grandparents and sometimes wonder why certain things are not done the way that we would like to see them done. And I know some grandparents that are critical of their own children when some things are left on done.

Critical grandparents need only try one day in their kid’s life to get a taste of what parenting is all about in a busy world of today! The criticism would stop after the first morning!

I wish I could write more… but I have jobs to do before we leave at 8:30 AM.

Gotta run!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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