Thursday, November 10, 2011

I have answers to deal with the Tent City Protesters

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I have answers to deal with the Tent City Protesters

Is this old world crazy or what? I know I am old when I watch the kooky people forming Tent Cities in so many major cities in Canada, USA and around the world. What is the world coming to… or running from?

If you have been on another planet you will not know that these Tent Cities have been setting up in important parks or places in different cities – taking over public places from the public. Snatching away places where business people normally walk, where dogs normally poop, where the public will see them and have to deal with what they are saying.

The problem that I see is that they are saying many things. There is not one person that is official or one message that is being presented.

There is one message I guess… they are all unhappy people sitting and doing nothing.

The second message that I have gleaned from it all… is they want publicity and seem to know how to get it with this large and unorganized protest about life in general.

In among the large groups are many smaller groups that each have issues with something or somebodies. Usually it is a politician or a group of politicians… added to issues of how police treat people… added to homelessness… anarchy… anger… lethargy… etc, etc, etc.

If you don’t like something or someone sit on your ass and protest… but be sure that you have a tent to sleep in… and a place that you can poop in – which is where the park comes in so handy. Green spaces are great to foul with your human trash and crap.

And anyone that protests against what you are doing is the enemy. Plain and simple – they trash you so you trash them… or their spaces.

From the homeless people that move into the protest areas to the anarchists that spice it up with their black outfits, face masks; to the quasi-peace dudes and dudettes that link arms and sing koombuyaa – that is the new society of young adults.

Most are not working or can’t get a job or don’t want a job. These are mixed with some major mental health folk that are on disability pensions… and they are mixed with others that are on welfare – whatever it is called in the country that they come from.

My uneducated guess is that they likely all come from homes where they never made their beds, had little or no responsibilities and were the general centre of attention. Now outside their homes in a real world, they are not the centre of attention anymore and a protest in places put them right back to where they come from. They are now “home”.

Something is funny and strange about what I am seeing. What a contrast to the good old days when we couldn’t wait to graduate and then get out of school. We had to work hard in school so that our marks gave us opportunity to get better jobs. So we went for the gold… without reservations! We knew what we wanted and worked hard for it.

Have you noticed these factors about these Tent Cities…?

They are in nice, big cities… usually not far from comforts and food. They are not in Regina Saskatchewan in January, February or March – it is too darn cold. Then they avoid Regina or any part of Saskatchewan or Manitoba in April, May. June, July, August – because there are just too many mosquitoes!

Vancouver, Toronto, New York and big touristy spots are the best. Comforts, food near by and TV Cameras that will follow you to give your cause a presence.

I think that I have a possible suggestion for city leaders. Put up barriers that will not allow the people in the tents to be seen. It is just like at home when you get company and your teen’s bedroom is a disaster… you close the door so the guests will not see it.

The barriers will keep the crap off TV. By getting the TV people to not publicize what is happening – there is no more reason to do what you are doing.

A physical barrier around the park is a good idea as well. You know the construction fence that is put in place to protect the public – keeping people away from dangerous areas. It is not a pen or a police jail… but rather a visual barrier that will keep the trash in one spot.

This physical barrier should have openings big enough to walk through. These people need to stay connected to comforts or life and food… they can still crap in the park… and they can sleep next to it too.

Without a doubt they will escape to new areas and new parks… but the city crews can simply move the barriers along with them. In one night’s sleep they will have the construction barriers in place around the new park.

But what about the parks and the poor vegetation? Won’t they kill all of it? Nope – vegetation loves fertilizer. And the dirty parks make work for which the protestors will be paid to clean up. Protesters cleaning up their own poop will make them move to another city that they can foul. Just like Teens do when they can’t stand their own home any longer – they move to a friend’s house – simply couch surf!

That is way cheaper than burning police cruisers and expensive cops on special duty.

Let them have their way… live in dirty parks and sleep in irksome little tents. The bed bugs that the street people deal with will soon be in the tents of the nice people too.

Nature will take care of the Tent Cities. The Mayors of the Cities do not have to.

Toronto’s Tent City will evaporate in a heartbeat when the weather grows colder suddenly. They will soon be off to Vancouver. Then when they are gone… through the winter… inform the Dog Walkers in Toronto that they no longer have to stoop and scoop in their favourite parks. Next spring and summer the Tenters will not go to that park too soon.

The really scary part is that some of our kids will marry a creep that has Tented in Protest… and bring the idiot home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Worse yet they will father or mother your grandkids.

That really scares me! Where do the kids of Tenters go to school?

Leave the Tent City alone. They will get organized, form their own government, elect their own Mayors and Spokespeople… and be just like the rest of us. Oh yes – they will finally realize that they will need to pay the Mayor to stay on… and that is when they will start to tax themselves…

It will all work out. Leave them alone.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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