Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Successful day – Playing the Spoons

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Today’s Blog Post

Another Successful day – Playing the Spoons

Yesterday was a complete success. No I didn’t make a Million Dollar$ but it was very successful.

Yesterday I took part in the Northview Community Church’s Christmas Craft Show and Sale. I was one of the presenters. You will know about that excitement I experienced getting ready for the Show in my previous posting (The Unveiling of the Misty Hollow line of Illustrations - TODAY).

My booth was busy from before 10 AM right through to the last person left the building at 2 PM.

But being busy with customers was not the success mark… nor was the fact that we sold more product than years before. Our success I rate in another very small and important way. That is the “kid factor”.

Yesterday Grandparents and Moms brought their kids along. There were lots of kids.

But kids at a Craft Show and Sale can make people that show delicate things a little nervous… and the delicate things make Moms and Grandparents a whole lot nervous. They have this instinctive sense that, “if you break it you buy it”.

Along time ago I recognized that if you put the wiggle to work you will never need to worry about the delicate. And every kid I have met over all these years has much wiggle inside them… and that wiggle put to use can make stuff happen. All Grandpas should know that!

On my Table I had all kinds of products ranging from a fairly expensive items for the Craft Show and Sale to not so much. There was the $150, very thin, real size hand carved feathers down to very inexpensive Tatted Butterflies at $2.00 each.

It was kind of comical to watch the Mom’s and Grandparents moving from the next booth towards mine. Their Parent Radar was on in full scan mode. “What can my kids possibly break at this table?”… move back… move back… and then make the statement as the kids zeroed in on the products… “Now remember we don’t touch, we just look… Zack… NO!... just look!”

There were a few guys like “Zack” over these years, they are absolutely full of it. I think their second name(s) was likely “Murray Lincoln”. As I look at them coming I can see me… interested in what they see and desperate to pick it up and feel what I see.

That is just the way that the kids are… they love to be part of something that looks good.. interesting… and something that they can do.

Over the years I have gone to a lot of Craft Shows and have also participated in lots of Sales. I am one of those kinds of people!

I have seen the kids… and recognized that if you bring something interesting just for kids… the kids will come! And along with the kids coming a “Radar Scanning” kind of Mom. When the kids come you will have an audience – IMMEDIATELY!

The Adult Oriented Show booths offer Adult Stuff to attract people. Things like give away pens and pads, little candies and the like draw adults into speak with you.

But if you put Kid Stuff out you will get the whole family. If you are Kid Friendly – you will get the whole family. They all come whether they want to or not… they have to because their kids are already standing at my table grinning and touching stuff!

I say all of this to tell you the great joy I experienced yesterday as kids came and stayed at my booth. While they were there, Moms looked over the products at my table… and they bought things. That is success!

How do I get kids involved? How do I draw kids and keep kids involved?

Well yesterday it was by my “Playing the Spoons” and also using “Dancing Dan”. These two items I make are the HOTEST thing I have ever made. And they work like magic!

“Playing the Spoons” is a very old way to get involved with music. Holding two spoons in your hand with the bowl side facing each other… the spoons will make a clacking sound as they strike together. Hitting your leg produces one sound but then as you bring the spoons up for the next strike you hit your waiting hand that is above your leg. This produces a very different sound whether you make that hand flat or cupped. Hitting your leg so many times and your hand perhaps less produces new alternate beats.

All alone the Spoons can make their own rhythm that is delightful… BUT putting on a CD that has music being played by real experts that know how to play the Fiddle and Guitars and Accordions… brings your own spoon playing alive.

Now add a “Dancing Dan” on a stick… with his arms and legs flying wildly to the music and the beat… just tops it off.

Now just using words is confusing for some to visualize what actually happened. With Kids that is especially true… so Showing them what to do… is the Ace… and letting them try is absolute best thing ever.

As I Play the Spoons, the kids always ask, “Can I try?” And the answer is always, “That is why I made them… just for you to try.”

After that connection is made… the poor booth operator next to me, the ones across from me, and almost everyone else within listening will lose customers as their kids pull them over to see what is happening.

Yesterday the poor ladies the next booth to mine were not too happy at one point as the kids created a small crowd while they waited their turn to “Try”. The adults waiting for their kids to come along also just stood in the way of the important things these ladies were trying to sell. Sorry ladies… I can’t control excitement… and the wiggle that gets involved…

I love the “Quebec” and “Down East” style of music. It makes parts of me wiggle quite naturally. The Kids love it too.

My wife told me that many of the other Booth operators were watching with amazement as our booth was always full with people coming to us.

I suspect that next year some of the ladies will have their husbands producing Spoons for them too.

Bookings came to me yesterday as well… to come to another School and do the “Spoon Thing” with their kids.

So adding to my already full bank of products and creative things – I now add the “Spoon Thing” – which may be my most important talent yet.

But there are some amazing guys that “Play the Spoons”.

WANT TO TRY Playing the Spoons? You need to watch the following..
Watch Vash – an expert at Playing the Spoons
Watch Tran Quang Hai – an expert at Playing the Spoons
And there are the Classic - the AMAZING Scotty Brothers
How about the Meeting of 2 Kings of Spoons: Roger Mason & Tran Quang Hai

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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