Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Michael Jackson – Conrad Murray – AEG and me – Enough already!

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Today’s Blog Post

Michael Jackson – Conrad Murray – AEG and me – Enough already!

There are times when I have simply have had enough – already!?! How about you?

Well this week is one of those times I am sure. And there is clear evidence that many people have had enough. But hang on there is still more coming whether you want it or not.

Michael Jackson died from an apparent overdose – over use of a dangerous drug. The whole world was rocked by the news. Their beloved, weird, wonderful, strange and almost other worldly Pop Singer/Star was gone.

Immediately accusations started flying and fingers began to point. Someone was to blame for his death. There just had to be someone or somebody that could be blamed and would be found guilty. Someone had to pay for the great “loss” to the world.

Well the family and maybe the law has received some vindication with the results of a conviction of Dr. Conrad Murray this week. The zooming in of a TV Camera on the grey suited man, having his hands cuffed behind his back… was everywhere.

The verdict was in. Someone was found guilty. Someone was paying for what he did. Vengeance was done.

Merriam states about “vengeance”…
Definition of VENGEANCE
: punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense :RETRIBUTION
— with a vengeance
: with great force or vehemence
: to an extreme or excessive degree
Examples of VENGEANCE
1. The fire was set as an act of vengeance.
2. Angry protesters wanted to inflict vengeance on the killer.
3. He thought briefly of the long-dead woman bound to this stone in 1654 and burnt alive as a witch. And for what? An over-sharp tongue, delusions, mental eccentricity, to satisfy a private vengeance, the need for a scapegoat in times of sickness or the failure of a harvest, or perhaps as a sacrifice to propitiate a malignant unnamed god? —P. D. James, The Private Patient, 2008

“Yep – you would think that it is over and done with”.

If you thought that the answer is “NOPE – you are wrong!”

It was just announced that the Jackson Family would begin a Law Suit against another party for being responsible for Michael Jackson’s death.

Victoria Kim and Harriet Ryan, of the Los Angeles Times report today that – quote –
“The conclusion of the criminal case sets the stage for proceedings in civil court, where the pop star's mother and children are pressing a wrongful death suit against the corporation and its concert subsidiary, AEG Live, the promoter of Jackson's doomed comeback attempt.

The civil case, set for trial in September, pits the singer's three children and elderly mother against one of the city's most important companies at a time when AEG is pitching controversial plans for a downtown football stadium.”
End quote.

Whoa! This is where my Naïve Canadian mind has kicked in. Didn’t someone take the blame or rather was found guilty for Michael’s death? You know you just followed it like I did?? They handcuffed the Doc and took him away. Didn’t they?

But now they are saying that AEG – the Los Angeles entertainment behemoth Anschutz Entertainment Group – is responsible for his death. And they intend to get money because of it. Right?

When they do this… aren’t they kind of saying that Michael was driven to the edge by a company… and calling it a wrongful death… is placing the responsibility on AEG?!

Who is guilty? And if they are guilty… what are they guilty of? If AEG is gone after and they are big enough, won’t they settle out of court like most others do?

I mean when you go away back and look at Michael himself and the accusations that he was a Child Molester… didn’t he also settle out of court with the families of kids that he took to his bedroom with him – for Michael Parties?

Yeah! The American way!

No one is stating the actual fact… every person in the public is responsible for his death… aren’t we?

We followed his every move and every weird way with a passion. Didn’t we? Isn’t it possible that the thirst for the weird and strange in the public – caused Michael to become what he was?

Isn’t it even more likely that Michael in his excessive way was so far out there that he did himself in at the end? He personally administered his own over does of a very bad drug. The Doc may be guilty of making it available… but Michael did it himself – didn’t he?

AEG may have given or made Michael and his people an offer for big possible comeback show. Which Michael was working on… when he died. But how does that make it possible for them to be responsible?

It all points to one thing. We today as citizens of a whacky world want no part in taking responsibility for what we have done. We cannot believe that someone is not responsible for our own wrong doing.

Enough is enough. Stop it already! Get a life and take responsibility.

No one can advise the Jackson family I am sure. But lots will make money off the circus that they will become with this new lawsuit. I am sure of that fact.

Millions will be looked for... and millions will be paid out to get the millions.

I truly feel sorry for an old lady that misses her son. I feel deeply for this son’s kids, however they came to be his… it appears that they “loved” him…

But I have had enough. And I think that the general public has had enough as well.

In days to come it will still be reported on and advertisers will insert their little jingles and videos at just the right time… to get some of my dollars… But even they may distant themselves from it all… when they realize that we all have had enough!

What do you think?

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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