Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kissing in a Fashion Company’s Ad Campaign – Way to Go Benetton!

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Today’s Blog Post

Kissing in a Fashion Company’s Ad Campaign – Way to Go Benetton!

This has been a Dream Week for ideas to write about. The thing is that you need to write about it right when it happens – or it will be gone!

Gone forever may well be a good way to describe the reports that have been swirling since the recent ad campaign for Benetton was released.

The ad campaign is entitled “Unhate” and it features digitally manipulated images of world leaders kissing each other full on the mouth. No – not the commonly accepted “one cheek other cheek” kiss accepted by movie stars and European leaders… but rather a good old smacko, full on the mouth, eyes closed and seemingly enjoyable kisserooo – American and Canadian style!

That’s right… it has to be written about today. It should also be looked at as a photo today… for undoubtedly it will be pulled shortly as it has offended so many people worldwide.

Offended? Why would they be offended?

Well the first and foremost offense has been felt by the Catholic People as their beloved, love promoting Pope Benedict XVI is kissing Imam Ahmed el Tayyeb, the prominent figure of the Sunni Islam of Egypt. No kidding! The Photo shows the right hand of the Imam around the neck of the Pope holding him tighter for a longer embrace. This is not a peck on the lips but rather a pressed in, nose flattened slightly against the other’s cheek kind of kisseroo!

Imagine the Pope kissing an Imam! Well you no longer have to imagine it… Benetton has made it possible with its new ad series. Now even if they pull that ad and take away the Pope’s image kissing this dude… that image is now part of my brain’s storage mode – filed away forever!!! I do not forget images like this. Shocking and wild and weird and whacky – it has been stored very deep in my memory banks and it cannot be removed.

That is true now with every person that has seen this image.

Now it is not the only image that could raise eyebrows. It is an ad series that includes other world leaders puckering up and given full mouth to mouth stimulation to another person of very opposite political views and world ideals. In fact these famous leaders in some cases are mortal enemies.

Take for example North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-il kissing the President of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak full on the mouth. Hokey Mokey that is a stretch. The North Korean Leader is a modern day dictator that absolutely hates the folk of the South Korea and likely hates everyone that is not himself. That is the way he seems to treat his own people from what we hear out here… and he would not kiss the other dude!

Worse yet – an Asian couple kissing in public is not something you will ever see in Asia.. let alone an Asian dude going face to face with another dude.

This photo alone will turn Asia on its head and have every South Korean going into their prayer caves and screaming at God to stop this foul aberration of Western thinking in their beloved land! God help us all.

But wait a minute there is Barrack Obama and Hu Jinato the Chinese supreme leader sucking face too!

But Barrack Obama is also locking lips with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez! Can you imagine that????! Yes you will and in fact you will not need to imagine it anymore.. that is conjure up the image on your own… it is now a digitally manipulated master piece stored deep in your brain! And whether you look and see the image or not… my words alone have been stored in your memory bank. They are yours forever.

“Unhate” is the message from Benetton. Stop ripping the world apart by your vile hatred and terrible killing wars.. love one another plain and simple. A simple message and powerful.. but add the photos and you now have more hate that you can imagine!!!

And guess who was the first to react? The Vatican has come out swinging their in-censors and are hoping mad with the ad campaign. Their Pope doesn’t kiss another man in Public. God help us all!

No – no wait a minute.. I didn’t say the Pope kisses men when he is not in public… I just said… mutter, mutter, mute…

Imagine the Dude, the number one Dude, The Pope, top dog in the Roman Catholic Church that should be talking about not hating people around the world…! You know that Christian Doctrine that states that we should love one another… reach out in love… and make a difference to the waiting world!

You know that Doctrine that led the Christian Crusaders of the Cathloic Church to the Holy Land to fight those horrible Islamic hoards that had taken over the places that Jesus had walked and talked about love.

You know that Doctrine that kind of drives the “In God We Trust” Americans to fight the ugly Islamic People in the mid-east over the past years.

Yah that’s right… the leaders of these hating countries are now kissing each other full on the mouth… and the Vatican doesn’t think that it is funny at all.

No one has said yet what the Islamic people are going to say or do yet.

But wait a minute it is not over yet. The Palestinian leader is smooching the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And the French President Nicholas Sarkozy is a full lip lock with German Chancellor Angela Markel!

Have we offended everyone yet?

I am offended! Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not sucking on anyone’s lips. He was genuinely left out! Now they could have had him kissing someone… don’t you think? Sheesh! Maybe we are not hated enough or don’t hate enough people in the world or something! I am sure that Stephen Harper can kiss someone!

Now wait just a minute! The United Colours of Benetton is a cool clothing company that attempts to dress the world in colour and great fashion.

I bet they are absolutely wishing they could get their clothing sewn in countries other than South Korean and Venezuela and China. In a weird way Canada may get their sewing-manufacturing business as Stephen didn’t kiss anyone!

Who at Benetton thought this one through? I doubt anyone did. They never ever thought they could start a World War by having leaders kiss and make up!

Talk about a Bloggers delight!

You now need to read these stories and see these photos – before the world blows up.

Already this morning the Benetton folk have removed the Pope and Islamic Imam leader kissing each other.

The UK Telegraph still has it on their web site.

Finally.. think of one real idiot in your life experience… some one that has tried everything to destroy you. Got their image in our head now? Now think about turning the corner in your home town and there is a huge, building sized photo of you kissing that person full on the lips… and you are apparently enjoying it!

That is what happened to the Pope… his photo was hung from a Bridge in Rome the other day.

Dear Mr. Pope,
I feel for you on this one. And the next time you are on your balcony waving at us all… if you smile even a little bit I will think you are thinking about kissing that dude! Come on Mr. Pope – laugh a little with me! It isn’t worth another World War. God knows we will have more security on our air flights after this one gets certain Islamic folk’s attention!

Yours truly,
Rev. Murray Lincoln

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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