Thursday, November 3, 2011

Changing the Schedule and the Time Settings

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Today’s Blog Post

Changing the Schedule and the Time Settings

I have officially decided to not bother sleeping any more. There is just too much to do and too much to enjoy right now. Sleeping is a huge waste of time. Actually climbing into bed takes away about 6 to 8 good hours of pure delight in living.

Now having said that.. I slept last night and slept well. When I slid beneath the cools sheets last evening about midnight it was kind of nice to say the least.

But trapped again by the smooth and inviting bed is just not fair. I needed to get more work done. Christmas is only about a month away for me… that is a month and 27 days… only 52 days!

Sleeping and the droopy eye lids get me all messed up. How about you?

Last evening I yielded to the drooping eye lids. I was carving a piece of wood and doing fairly well with getting that piece done… but fell asleep sitting upright in my chair. I woke when the sharp knife fell to the floor after it bounced off my leg first. No cuts thankfully!

I just did a check list of what has to be done this week. Looks like no sleep is the order of the day. Add to this list are the daily things that pop up and must be done as well.

Instead of not sleeping I am toying with the idea of doing three times as much each hour – that way I can get done on time. Now if someone has some suggestions on this topic… I am open for help.

Other than no sleep and triple spacing my work days, I have one last possibility… and that will work I am sure. I am going to declare that each week is now 14 days long. And with that there will now be 14 weeks before Christmas – not merely 7.

There I have a plan in place. I have to run and get started on some of the tasks at hand.

Oh boy… I wonder what is on TV right now… that book looks good too… and look at that Magazine article… I haven’t read that one yet… Oh Boy!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

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