Friday, November 25, 2011

COMMON SENSE OFFERED from Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting

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Today’s Blog Post

COMMON SENSE OFFERED from Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting

Mr. Tony Clement,
Treasury Board President
Minister for FedNor
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Mr. Tony Clement;
I am writing today to let you know that I have an excellent opportunity for the Conservative Party of Canada and the Federal Government of Canada to save a bundle of money.

I read this morning that you personally have made a decision to spend $90,000 a day, totalling a pay day of $20 Million dollars between now and next spring 2012. The Vancouver Sun offered its reporting on your decision today(see Link below)

It stated that you are hiring Deloitte Consulting to do this job.

While I think that Deloitte Consulting looks like a superior company and will in all likelihood perform well, if they are hired; I think that the offer that I have for you will far surpass whatever they will be offering.

I stand up tall this morning to declare that the “Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting” will be able to do all that your Government will ever desire or need in any matter of consulting.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting hereby declares they are ready and very able to provide a far superior service to our Canadian Government and the Conservative Party of Canada.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting is situated in the fairly strong Conservative Riding owned and operated by the up and coming Dean Del Mastro, the Secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting deserves to be heard and considered for such an important consultation process.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting offers the following service to a multitude of growing companies world wide. I would ask that you carefully consider what we have to offer before final decision is made in this process.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting offers…
* Common sense
* New sets of eyes to look at what the Government Departments are doing in all of their spending
* We lead by example
* We all have our own vehicles and do not charge extra for travel
* We eat at very inexpensive places and stay with our relatives to save money when traveling to Ottawa for meetings with the different departments.
* But above all we offer COMMON SENSE, which is greater than “common sense” that any other consulting firm may offer you.
* We have used COMMON SENSE extensively for the past 35 years in our working experience. With COMMON SENSE we have been able to live well on ordinary salaries and still pay all the taxes that we have to each day and week.
* In fact – in order to survive in our country anything less than COMMON SENSE would have meant total and absolute failure for each of us.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting is the King of COMMON sense consulting.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting rates are well within the range of Common Sense and our quote for this job is a pittance compared to other quotes you have received to date. Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting is only $3 Million dollars to be paid between now and the spring of 2012.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting declares today that if the contract with them is secured before December 1, 2011 they will personally cut from their fees by 5% amount “in kind”. That is, we will be available 1.2 hours more per day for personal consultation – with no added expense to the Government. That is 1.2 hours a day that is free of any charge.

Now I know that some skeptics exist even within the vast expanse of the Canadian Government. They must be asking how a relatively small Consulting Firm like Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting would be able to offer such advice.

Here is the secret. (And I know only too well that by offering this out loud in this terribly visible mode of communication, the simple Blog, that we may well be spilling our top secrets as to how we will do the job.)

Our secret weapon is the “Competency Quotient”. After working at very good jobs and being exposed to many layers and levels of management over 35 years you will receive the following advice.

Cut the Incompetent out.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting have discovered that the major principle that has guided 99% of all companies in Canada and the USA has the following problem. Are you ready for this?

Every person will be promoted to their level of incompetence. And taking that a step further, every person in the present management is Incompetent. Each and every employee working within every department of the entire Government knows that only too well.

The next consideration is very simple. All managers and department heads are paid way more that their subordinates below them.

We are suggesting that a very easy decision be made now. One quick move to fire all Managers, Assistant Managers and Department Heads will take care of at least 25% of all budgets in a heartbeat.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting guarantees that by 2014 our Government could save a minimum of $8 Billion dollars. In fact if this was acted on immediately the Conservative Party of Canada could stay in power indefinitely and never even mutter the word Liberal again!

Now Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting is willing in an open and honest way to agree to not include any high ranking, elected officials in the Consulting List that will be formed. We agree, openly, not to touch any elected officials – it will only be non-elected, inept, highly paid and well situated Government Managers and Department heads.

Having explained this openly and I hope in a clear fashion, we realize that there may well be other Consulting firms from many parts of Canada and that will stand up to show their ability and maybe even offer a better quote.

If that does happen, Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting will still feel deeply gratified. We will have saved our Government a huge amount of money by getting good advice from COMMON SENSE Canadians.
We wait your reply with great anticipation and expectancy. We know you believe in COMMON SENSE and we are excited about working with you!

Respectfully submitted,

Murray Lincoln
Chair of Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting

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~ Murray Lincoln ~


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