Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FINALLY – we are now rolling in the dough!

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Today’s Blog Post

FINALLY – we are now rolling in the dough!

This posting is to notify my friends that I am about to be moving into a better place in life. I am sorry that I will be leaving most of you behind. In our move from 925 Western Ave to the new address… I will not be able to give you a forwarding address. The place we will be moving to is more than a little over the top to say the least.

Maybe to help you understand I should say that it will be a radical lifestyle change. Even if you could find out where we would be living, we simple won’t be home any longer.

A friend, in jest, not long ago told me that I would not need to carve another stick of wood ever when this next stage of my life is entered. And today it looks as if that has taken place.

Sheesh! How do I explain that I am filthy rich all of a sudden??!!!!?

I just received the most convincing email. I have actually won the BIG BIG British Lottery which is worth Eight Hundred and Eight Thousand, Seven Hundred and Thirty Two Great British Pounds!!!!

I have to simply contact Teresa Marie and John Pike to see it all happen.

You ask… “Seriously would you actually leave the area? Would you leave your friends that have become so close? What about family?”

Well family will be taken care of… Alida and I plan to pay off their house mortgages and maybe even help them buy another bigger place.

The friends that we have now are fantastic people for sure. But they are not able to swing in the new group of folk that we will be swinging with. On the cruise that we will be taking… the Captain’s table will not have room for them.

What – you doubt what I am telling you???!

You say that the Eight Hundred and Eight Thousand, Seven Hundred and Thirty Two Great British Pounds won’t last that long. I now that. But I have also won another huge sum of money just last week that I haven’t told a soul about. It is more than double what the 3 Bs are telling me.

Hokey Dokey, I am rolling in the dough now and am having a problem dealing with it all.

Rather than trying to explain how it happened… it is easier to move away. I am going to miss the old lifestyle a little. Being concerned about the bank balance each month and what happens at the end of the year is a pain in the backside… but I will miss it… kind of… maybe a little.

I have run now. The lawyer’s meeting is at 11:00 AM today… the financial advisor is at 2:00 PM. Yesterday we met with the Bank to set up the new accounts that we are needing. I didn’t know that it could get so complicated having lots of money.

I do have your address however and your telephone number. I will call from the Panama and also from Thailand. But it will be a few months in between before I do. If you need to contact us, say you want to drop by and sit for a spell… call my daughters Dana or Anda.. they will know where dad and mom are.

Hey have a great life. And I sincerely hope your ship comes in as well.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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