Friday, November 18, 2011

Taking Back Control of My Space

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Today’s Blog Post

Taking Back Control of My Space

It is at the very busy times that I think about getting organized. It is about the time that I cannot find something that I desperately need – when I know that I have to organize my life better. After muttering I move on and quickly forget about the need to straighten things up.

Maybe you are the same. Your life is similar to mine and your work space is just simply complicated. Now add to that the problem with the amount of things that you need to get done before the next huge thing that needs to be done… and you know you are in trouble.

Christmas time is like that for me. There are only so many days to do a lot of things. There is never enough time for what I need to do.

Recently I listened closely to a friend of mine by the name of Winston Bromley. Winston shared ideas and reasons why it was good to get less and less involved in some Groups – the Social Media kind of programs that suck the productivity out of your life.

I took his advice and found freedom and huge amounts of time that had been swallowed up by the dribble that others posted. But I also cut out the dribble that my own comments and reactions to what had been said in Groups I belonged to. I freed myself in two directions in one group alone. In two others I freed myself in one direction in that I usually on read what was being suggested and offered.

Actually I freed myself in the third area as well. I wasn’t thinking about what was being discussed in each Group when I was away from them.

Now with that freedom I saw my workspace and what was happening over the months. It is complicated and sometimes confusing. In the last weeks with the pressures of many meetings and shows I have found the need to pause again and take back control. I can’t fight the war when I can’t find the bullets.

I looked for help and found the following from a get organized Web Site. They suggest the following… quote…

What can you do to accomplish more of what you want to do? Here are some immediate suggestions:
1. Choose the easiest place to start
You don't always have to start at the beginning. If that first step seems the hardest, start with another part of the project instead.
2. Fix your workspace
If your set-up is simply not convenient, it will definitely hold you back.
3. Work from your to-do list
Tackle the more difficult tasks during your prime time.
4. Be realistic about what you can do
Procrastinators often have an unrealistic sense of time; you may have the feeling that a project will take forever or that you have “plenty of time.” The more realistic you become, the less likely you'll be to procrastinate.
5. Use the minutes available to you
Remember that even five minutes is enough time to get something done. One or two phone calls or more can be returned in that time.
6. Reward yourself
After you meet small deadlines, promise yourself a small treat. When the entire project is completed, think on a little grander scale.
7. Create more time
If it seems like there really is no time, carve out a half hour or so from your existing schedule. If you really want to take up jogging, try getting up a half hour earlier each day (or on weekends). If you want to do it, you'll find the time.
8. Get started
The hardest part is getting started. Once you're in motion, it will be easier to keep going. You may well find that it isn't as bad as you expected, and once you're involved, you've overcome the highest hurdle.
End Quote.. (see Web Site address below in Resources)

The material above was given as an introduction to a program that is possible to get into. I checked it out and when I get some free time I will look closer. Ahem!

I am a little over half way through doing what is suggested with these 8 points. It actually works for me.

This morning before breakfast I have one pile to go through. It has been sitting close to me and growing by the week… and I think it actually move on its own just now! Time to take care of it!

Good luck with your own mess!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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