Friday, November 4, 2011

DELETE… DELETE… DELETE… DELETE… That felt good. Let’s do it again!

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Today’s Blog Post

DELETE… DELETE… DELETE… DELETE… That felt good. Let’s do it again!

Some of my friends have questioned me about my use of GMAIL and other Web related email programs. Some wonder why I don’t have use of my own business email accounts – like – or

Well it is pretty much the case with the last email address that I have shown above… I don’t want your spam or anyone else’s spam.

Cleaning up my own GMAIL account this AM I found that in three days I have received over 100 SPAM emails.

About 15 or so are offering to change my Penis for me with medication – or some other means…!

Another 50 have opportunities that would blow my mind and I could be importing mega millions by simply offering my personal details as to where I would like the trunk full of money delivered to!

Another 15 offer relationships that will benefit my business to the MAX and also help my Penis again.

Maybe these come to me when they know that I am retired and 67 years old. They must assume that I need more money and that I am poor… and that my Penis isn’t working the way it should.

In fact there are now over 150 emails (since I deleted the last bunch…) for newer and greater and better and best opportunities for me to just click into.

Duh! Do they think some of us are stupid or something? Apparently so.

Yet in the church world there is this kind of thing as well… SPAM stuff…

I was offered the opportunity to click into a GLOBAL DAY of WORSHIP today. By clicking into what was offered I could give my name, address particulars to some unknown person in a far away place. Then on 11-11-11 I could pray that night, worship that night, do Christian stuff with mega millions of people that have done the same thing in their cities – between 7 and 8 PM in their time zone!

Through the Christian Media I can buy into being “Fully Resolved” and make a pledge like the actors did in the movie. I can also get more information and the books that a popular TV program offers for my “best ministry” gift. I need only give my email address and all my particulars to these folks.

My mom wrote to that TV group and asked for a funny video they had offered about old Christian people living in a trailer park during the winter. She got the video and for some reason they now have me married to my mother and I get all the SPAM snail mail – as if I sent the best ministry money gift!

Both the above bits of information related to Christian stuff should be my highest priority I suppose. But they are not.

I could rant about these two areas in that… is not Sunday for a mere one hour to one and a half a unified Global Day of Worship? Why go after a Friday Night? Are Christians not Fully Resolved – or at least should be? Good movie… but why try to build a new thing?

I realize that my quiet life is rather cluttered with SPAM – just like my SPAM folder in email. What is being offered to me is something someone is assuming that I need.

I was watching TV last night and an assault on my SOAP usage took place. A famous sports guy was attempting to get me to use DOVE SOAP and if I did I would be comfortable in my SKIN!

Come on… get with it… worry about your Penis… struggle with the lack of money and try hard any new offer coming… worry about your Faith and if you are doing well enough or not… and then start questioning if you are comfortable in your SKIN!

I don’t need all that stuff. So here goes.. DELETE… DELETE… DELETE… DELETE… DELETE… DELETE… DELETE…

There that feels much better. I can be free of all that stuff… and still feel good about what I am and what I have.

DELETE… DELETE… DELETE… DELETE… That felt good. Let’s do it again!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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