Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We have a New Nester moving in next door

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We have a New Nester moving in next door
I mentioned yesterday that we are about to get new neighbours.  They took possession of the house yesterday.

The folk that moved out worked hard to get the house ready for sale. 

For weeks I watched my friend Larry, the owner, caring in lumber and drywall to make the house ready for the sale.  Getting it all spruced up was his main task. I had joked with him that the house was going to look so good that he would change his mind and not sell the place.

What he was doing was called “staging the house”.  He was making everything look good so that the potential buyer would snap up the great deal that they were offering.

When I first heard of “staging” from my friend Debbie, who did this kind of work for clients, I wondered where I had been all these years.  Duh!?  That was in 2008 when she first told me what was involved.

With “staging” there are different levels. One is to make sure that the walls are painted freshly, just the right amount of pictures are hanging on the walls and you also have a certain amount furniture in your home.

If you have too many pictures on the wall and too much furniture in the house it will turn people off… and the possible sale will not happen.

So to “stage a house” you might need to rent a Storage Unit for the extra furniture and pictures to unclutter the house.

When Debbie explained that to me I must have looked at her like she had three heads.  I exclaimed, “Why would anyone do that?  They will tear the place apart after they buy it anyway!!!”

But oddly enough the “staging” does work.

It worked for my friends Larry and Linda…and their house sold in a short few days.  It must have been all of Larry’s hard work to get it looking so good.
As I was working at home I heard the noise next door.  It was the sound of a truck backing into the driveway.  You know a rather large truck… likely the moving van bringing their furniture and earthly belongings. I didn’t want to look anxious and appear to be too snoopy… so I didn’t jump up to go see.

After a few minutes the sounds next door were of rumbling, metal against metal and then a clunk.  That was not the sound of a moving van at all.  And there were no excited voices that usually accompany the unloading of a van.

Then I yielded to my temptation to take a look.  Oh WOW!

There in the driveway of the just purchased house was a bright coloured green bin that has “Bin there Dump that” emblazoned on the side.  It was a small sized dumpster that was about to receive some of the contents of the house.

Hokey Mokey!  Larry’s hard work was going to go to the Dump soon.

Before moving in the young couple are going to do some renovations apparently and the place will not be what it was when they bought it.

I smiled. I remembered my shock to what Debbie had told me about “staging” a house… and my comment to her. I had been right. Yet she likely had been right too.

The place has to look clean.  Check.  The place should not be cluttered. Check.  And the place, if it looks like someone else’s – should look like it can be changed. Check. Check. Check.

The new lady coming is a “nester”. They have no kids that we can see.  They are likely planning for a family and need to prepare the place for what will come. Ahhah!  That is it!!  She wants to build her own nest and not live in someone else’s!!!!

I now look at our own place. Oh Boy!

I have laid down brand new hardwood flooring in two thirds of the house. The other two thirds is covered with brand new tile in the kitchen and the bathroom.  The only thing that we didn’t do was the kitchen cupboards… because with some special paint they look almost brand new.  On top of that the basement was completely renovated last year.

There is nothing left to do. I am sure of it.

But if we sold it now… some young lady would have her man move a dumpster into the driveway and begin building her new nest.  Tiles would come up because they are not the right colour.  The walls would be painted again and the windows likely would be changed.

And I know that some younger man will do it all for her… because she wants the nest to be just so.

Oh boy!!!!

I can’t wait to meet the new couple coming next door.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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