Friday, September 14, 2012

I need, I need, I gotta have…the Shopping Compulsion - Addiction

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I need, I need, I gotta have…the Shopping Compulsion - Addiction
I stopped into the Future Shop to look at a few things yesterday.  They had sent a flyer to our house and I wanted to know more about one product that they are selling now.

Oh my… looking at the new things that are on display was so tantalizing. I am sure that I need one these and at least two of those.

Instead I bought three other things that I truly needed – but not what I wanted.

How in the world do they create this tremendous, deep craving for that something new that they are selling? I know that what I have works just great – but I ‘really need’ a new one. Think of what the new one can do that the old one cannot do!

I am writing about the compulsion that drives me crazy at times.

Zoom back with me…
I was 15 years old and had my very first job working for my Uncle Neal on his farm. It was a guaranteed job for the whole summer. My other friends were picking up bits and pieces here and there… but mine was for the whole summer.

Uncle Neal had promised pay me $5.00 per day and we worked six days a week. WOW!  $30.00 per week for 8 weeks was $240 total. I could only dream of that kind of money at the time but never, ever thought I would have that much in my pocket.

I had my sights set on buying a new Transistor Radio that I had seen in another shop that my Uncle Phil worked in.  The radio cost $40!  It was a major expense.

Each day I drove the tractor or loaded bales of hay for my Uncle, the thought of when I would buy the radio – kept me going.

Having next to nothing and having to work towards my goal was a great feeling.  It kept me on track.

Zoom forward…
My trip to Future Shop yesterday made me realize that it is so much easier to make the purchase now.  You don’t have to wait any longer.  You can buy it NOW.  You have the money now. There is no need to think about it, drool over it, dream about it… you need only place your credit card down and BINGO – it is yours.

If not a CREDIT CARD – the DEBIT CARD works very well too.

I only need to think a little bit before making the purchase.

BUT what is lost is the simple question, “Do I really need it… or just really want it?”

Yesterday as I passed the wall sized television that was only $1200 or so…I wanted one… NOW.  But realizing the wall that I would like to put it on is not big enough for the size of the TV.  I walked away. When the sales person asked if there was anything he could do to help me I said, “No – I am just dreaming…” 

The poor guy looked puzzled. I don’t think that answer was in his sales training book.

I had a friend who was also a Minister.  We worked together in the same office.  He came to work the next morning very excited.  On the way home he saw a billboard that declared to him that the product that was shown could be his… gave the telephone number and the address of where the product was located.

My friend stated that he felt God had spoken to him at that divine moment.  He turned two corners from where he was driving and there it was!  The Brand New Honda Gold Wing – which by the way was completely Gold in colour – just like the billboard had shown.

On the spot he bought it and was to pick it up that night.  AT THAT TIME it was a $15,000 purchase that he had made.

Did he tell his wife or talk it over with her?  Not right away.  He did it on his own and felt strongly that God has spoken to him.

My mouth dropped open as he told me the story. I couldn’t believe him!!!

MY wife would kill me if I had done that kind of thing. But I drove over to see the special billboard and nothing came to me from God… Darn it!

What did I buy yesterday that I needed?  One 16 GB memory stick on sale for $9.95 with “Duracell” written on the side, one Dynex four port USB hub, and one camera case – all cheap.

I walked out proud and happy that the TV was still there on the stand.  The new Apple Computer was still there, the three different Apple i-Pad were still there… and my small bag was all that I bought.

Admittedly it was alike an alcoholic walking around inside a Liquor Store and only buying a book mark for charity.


Murray Lincoln

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