Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two NFL Referees – Two Calls – and my life

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Two NFL Referees – Two Calls – and my life
My mouth dropped open as the play in the NFL Football game took place.

It was the very last moment of the game between Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks.  The game was close and hard fought by both teams!

The ball was thrown into the end zone and a scurry of football players jumped for it and then landed in the pile of bodies on the ground.

Two referees were standing right beside it and both saw what happened differently. They were standing side by side and saw it completely differently.

One referee held his hands up to indicate that it was a Touch Down. The other said it was an interception.  One was wrong and the other was right. But which one was wrong or right?

There is a lock out in the NFL of the Official Referees that normally do their job on the field.  The NFL has said you cannot work unless you do it our way.  They are the best that there is at what they do. That is why they are hired to do the job.  But to allow the game to go on the NFL league has brought in lesser referees from lower levels of football who are maybe not as good.

The call in the game has gone nutso.  The fans have reacted and the NFL League Officials are facing a huge pressure to get the better official back in the games.

Will the strike settle now?

I just read that the President of the USA has made a comment about it as well – on Twitter as he tweeted that "NFL fans on both sides of the aisle hope the refs' lockout is settled soon."

Can you imagine a more difficult scenario than the one that the replacement referees are facing?  They were enjoying what they did at their level of refereeing… and now they are the butt of all jokes because they tried to do the job that they were asked to do.

The referees that raised their arms in different ways at the side of the field in that last moment of that game – will pay for that for a long time.

Can you imagine how they felt as they looked at each other after it happened and it settled in that the whole of the world saw what they had done… and now they were being criticized heavily for what they did… how stupid one of them was!

They are under constant scrutiny and it is not going well.

Try writing a Blog and see what happens.  Not everyone will appreciate what you say or do.  I am so much in the middle of that kind of thing that I cannot fully tell you what it is like.

BUT – hey – I did that kind of thing for 35 years as a Minister. And as a Minister you would raise your hands as you called a play… and not everyone would agree. In fact some that didn’t agree could be counted on to react within minutes of your doing so… or within seconds.

Like the time “Bob” and his wife stood up and screamed at me in the middle of what was being said and done in church… their violent reactions were to what we were doing at that minute by way of an illustration!  Good Lord I remember what that was like!  They left the church and never came back again!  And I was left with a nightmare that has never gone away.

At that moment I was like the two referees and wishing to goodness that I could die on the spot.

The NFL will have to help their fans and referees to understand what is going on.

I simply feel for the two referees as they have been made to look like total idiots – for simply seeing what they have witnessed.

The fact that there is instant replay now with the TV Cameras catching everything – it clearly showed that one referee was wrong – but it was the last second of the game… the very last second!

Referee One and Referee Two – I feel for you guys today in a big way!!!

Murray Lincoln

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1 comment:

David Grant said...

Yep, sure wouldn't want to be a ref in that situation. Doing their job perfectly is simply considered adequate. But that is the job and the price for doing it.

As far as ministry goes, I wonder if that really is the job that Jesus intended for a very select few? Just normal relationships are going to have times of disagreement or even conflict.

Jesus made it pretty clear that exerting power over others was never to be part of his plan for us or his church and yet the system that we created seems rigged to make that inevitable. And the ones like yourself who do it with integrity and honesty are left serving something that tends to have a life of its own. And when a problem arises it's not the system, it's the people's fault. The one thing that is rarely considered is that maybe the system itself does not really reflect the kingdom of God.