Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Day – New Month – New School Year – New Everything

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New Day – New Month – New School Year – New Everything
Oh the excitement of today… the kids are going back to school.  Can you remember that feeling?

I can. I can remember our daughters having everything ready the night before and then struggling to go to sleep.  Then in the morning they head out the door… gone. And the house is empty… my wife was alone and not sure of the new routine.

I was always at work and wondering what they were doing.

The first dinner time at home was quite a time as they described all the events of the day.  The stories of who is sitting beside who and who was now their new best friend.

Today the energy of the excitement will keep you alive.

Now as Grandparents we will call and ask what happened.

But today we are not without excitement… two new kids are moving in next door to us. The former owner/neighbor told us they are a nice young couple.  Compared to people our age, as they were, is that good or bad? Oh boy.

As really nice young couple live directly behind us now.  They giggle a lot around their open metal fire pit… and do it longer some nights when they celebrate.  Will the new couple next door be… younger as well? Oh Boy.

Could it be I am like my Young Parent friends sending their kids off to school as well?  The unknown is scary. The fact that something is new or someone new is something I might have to adjust to is unsettling.

This new is good. New school year is good. A New Class is good too. New friends are fun.  New school bag is neat.  New books smell good.  New pencils work wonderfully.

New neighbors are good as well.  It will be fun meeting them and getting to know them better.  And if they have kids, we will simply adopt them… but no kids yet… we can wait a little to adopt them when they arrive.

At 68 I am still excited about going back to school.  In fact – if I could I would do it all over again. Oh BOY!

Young Parents I am praying for you folks today.  This is the best day of the year!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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