Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Neat Stuff from Facebook – seeing the way that people think

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Neat Stuff from Facebook – seeing the way that people think
I love the Facebook program for a number of reasons… and for others I hate it…. But I need not go there with the hate.

Here is my love for the Facebook – I meet hundreds of creative people!!  The way they think is so much fun… and then they let everyone see.

Add to that you can get almost instant updates and simply be there, even though you are a long, long distance away.  Like yesterday when one of my nephews and his wife presented ‘Kate Frances’ to the world for all of us to see.  We had waited 7 days and a bit for Kate to arrive and my Mom was very anxious for her arrival.

Kate arrived at 12:40 AM and just a short time after that all her relatives across Canada were able to see Kate with her mom together. Since that time her dad and grandma are sending all kinds of photos to let us see more of her.

The best part is for my Mom to see her new Great Granddaughter.  Via Facebook Kate’s 91 year old Matron Saint is coming by the computer every hour or so to see if there are more photos.

I had mentioned that I meet people that are creative.  Here are some examples of photos that have helped me to see the creative side. These first two are a bit twisted – you need to find the kitties in the two photos – one is a really BIG Kitty and the other is SMALL. Can you find them? (Hint: To find the Kitties - you might like to Click on the Photo to make it bigger and easier on your eyes) 
Kitty One is BIG

Kitty Two is small

Then there are the people that with a little thinking have produced some amazing stuff. Here is a photo that you need to look at the dot on the face for 15 seconds steadily(on the left) – then shift your gaze to the right side to see what happens. Whoa! That is too weird!

Now comes to the kind that you can post when your wife is still in bed and you will be gone when she finally checks her computer… dare I do this… sure why not!?!

See, Facebook is plain old fun.

“How do you get these photos on Facebook?” you ask.  Simple.  After you click on it to make it larger… then right click to ‘save the image as’ – and place in it a file – likely your Download file would be a good idea. Give it a name that you can remember and it is then yours.

Saving the photo gets it out of files that someone else – that may enjoy things that you don’t… and sue language that would never… ahem.

Have a great day!

Murray Lincoln

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