Thursday, September 20, 2012

PHISHING and Internet Orders from Lee Taylor and others

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PHISHING and Internet Orders from Lee Taylor and others
I am in business as many of you know. The business is wood carving.  The customer base that I have is growing locally and in other parts of North America.  But it is also growing in other parts of the world.

It has been working well.

But there are days that people try to screw you over. Actually they give it a better name than “screw you over”. It is called Phishing.

Here is the email that I received from a Mr. Lee Taylor from Taiwan this morning. It is typical of the beginning of a Phishing attempt.  And following Mr. Lee’s email is my email in reply.

Mr. Lee Taylor’s email ( to me…
Good Day,

I will like to place an order from your store,  do you accept Mc/Visa cards securely for payment and ship to Taiwan?

Awaiting your response so as to proceed.

Warmest Regards,
Lee Taylor.

My email to Lee Taylor
Hello Lee best regards to you as well.  The answer is that I do and do not accept Mc/Visa - but do work with PayPal who works with Mc/Visa.

Your email is typically p-h-i-s-h-i-n-g at this point. 

My prices would be so high - in excess of $500 and the upper end of $1000 - that I doubt that you would purchase anything.  But I may be wrong.  

Shipping is also very high to most places in the world when you ship a 150 to 400 pound wooden bear.  In that you have not indicated what you are buying this all that I am willing to send.

I am not saying that I would not do business with you - but highly doubt that you would deal with me.

Further to that I will not be carving another Bear until next spring (April or May 2013) but if you are willing to wait that long I will be willing to place you on the waiting list that I now have.  If you miss your waiting list spot, maybe having to go to the bathroom or attend a wedding or are in the hospital - you will be waiting until 2014 or 2015 at this point.

The deposit that is required is $750 on a $500 Bear that stands 5 feet high... and $1500 on a $1000 Bear that stands 7 feet high.  It is required NOW – not in a few months but NOW.

When I get the Bear that you order complete I will ship by UPS and it will be insured fully.

But I will warn you that the last Bear that I sent to Asia didn't arrive in the best shape. Its paw was broken off and its nose was heavily damaged.  There was also sea water damage to the back side of the Bear as the idiots that had it on deck on the old ship let it fall over when the sea became rough.  

However any carving that I do comes with a full list of instructions that show you how to glue broken pieces back on or paint over ugly stains from sea water.  There is also a YouTube Video on how to do the work.

Shipping and handling costs at this point are running around $5000 for the smaller Bear and about $10,000 for the large Bear.

You are required to pay that in advance as well. If you could find it in your generosity to pay that now I would very much appreciate it.  But if you are not generous and cannot pay the money upfront... the deal is off now.

So the total of the Carved Bear is $7250 for a five foot Bear... and $12,500 for a seven foot Bear.

Oh and one more thing... my wife and I would like to take a long vacation to Tahiti to prepare for my next carving season. We are expecting to take that trip in January through to the end of March as winters in Canada are very cold. Estimated cost this trip is $18,500.

If you would like to bring your order for a Carved Wooden Bear to the top of the list, it will happen if you pay me for the entire Vacation to that tropical Island Paradise of Tahiti.

I wait for your quick reply. Please do not delay. There are a number of other people like yourself that suggested similar things over the last few months.  All offers will be carefully considered and then notified of the possibility of their acceptance.

Murray Lincoln
The best Carver in the cotton picking world and specially in Misty Hollow

Murray Lincoln

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