Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Old Mind is amazing – did I inherit one like it?

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The Old Mind is amazing – did I inherit one like it?
My Mom is 91 years and 232 days old today – Happy non-Birthday MOM.

I mention that because this date is another important one in her life… or at least it could be.  Another Great Grandchild will possibly arrive today, or tomorrow, or the next day for her.  Already the baby is 5 days past due.  And Great Grandma Lincoln is excited for this new little one that will arrive soon.

The new baby will be amazing I am sure – all babies are!

But what is amazing is that a 91 year old with 232 days complete in her 91st year is connected to her world and interested in all the things in her world.

We invited the new young couple that just took possession of their home next door… over the other evening for a quick look at what we have done with our home – flooring and changes etc.  Mom came out to meet them.  She has been watching what is taking place next door with the changes to the house.

On Thursdays I take Mom to one of the Senior’s homes in Peterborough.  She is the youngest in the group.  And all of these folks are very much with it. They want to know about what is happening in the world around them.

They talk about everything and are so bright.  It is quite amazing to listen in to the “New Friends” group as they join me for a conversation.

This past week as we came together after a two month shut down Mom was very excited to get to the group again.  (I had taken the summer off with so many things to do.)

Mom leaned over and said to the ladies that coming back to the group again was “like coming home”.  The others agreed.

Not everyone at 91 years old is as sharp as my mom and her friends in the group.

The group is not large. They do invite others to join us but most forget after they are invited at lunch time… and the group starts at 2 PM.  Most are struggling with what happened at their last meal.  The “New Friends” group should be renamed, “The With it Group” – “TWIG” – hmmm?

Today I write this with awe about the memory ability of my Mom.  She truly is amazing in this department.  Other things are failing in her body and but the mind is working very well.

So today we wait for news of a new little Schindel that should arrive at a hospital in Calgary.  And within days via Skype my 91 year old Mom will be able to see her new Great Grandchild.

We are excited to say the least – and very much with it!!!!

Murray Lincoln

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