Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Expendables of Peterborough – our Police Force

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The Expendables of Peterborough – our Police Force
Have you noticed that things have changed where you live?  You know in the old days you used to leave your door unlocked when you went away.  There was no need to lock down everything because you could trust people. You remember that don’t you?

That was in the old days.  That was long ago. That time has passed.

This is a new era when you are not able to trust folks that live in your area.  There are some homes that are labeled “Trouble” or “Troubled”.

Not far from us the police have been to the green coloured house a number of times. There are people that would like to sell their houses on that street but are likely not able to sell because of the “green house” and the people that live there.

Things have changed.

In our city we also seem to have new problem with home invasions or sorts. These are not the kind of home invasion in the bigger city but possibly to do with drug deals gone bad. People were hurt and threatened in a recent crime event.  This case is in court now.

We have lived here for 14 years. In the 14 years bad people are still bad.  The badness has not increased.  There just seems to be more of it.

But the drug problems are on the rise around us.  Drug problem?  Yep more drugs are being brought into the area by bad boys(and girls).  The dealers have been picked up in large drug busts that the police have managed.  In the raids large amounts of cash and guns have been taken.

The dealers that have been caught have bought and brought the guns into the area to protect themselves from other bad guys.  The drugs that have been seized were brought in to be sold locally – because it is used locally.

Now there is the huge issue that we face as a community. There have been more drugs seized because more people are using.  There is a market here for this kind of product.

It is like the market that was developed by Tim Hortons and by McDonalds.  People now need what they sell.

The drugs that are being scooped up are needed by real people that live next door to you and I. No, no… don’t think the person right next door to you uses or smokes the stuff… it is the general population out there… more smoke up and more use than they did 25 years ago.  The market has grown.

How do you think they user pays for the drugs that they need to use if they are not a lawyer with a big salary?  Other crimes pay…

The problems in our community have grown as well.  We have more dogs than we had before.  And we have less people to take care of their dogs when they have one. More dogs are left outside and more dogs bark in our community than before… and more of my own neighbours get upset with the incessant barking of dogs that want into the house – but their owners have forgotten about them.

Why am I pointing out all of these things to you?  You are not really interested in drugs, drug seizures, dogs barking or bears coming into the city – unless it is on the news for your entertainment – right?

Well each time our poor little city has one more problem that people don’t like (like dogs barking), or one problem with the “green house” down the street, or the problem with more people wanting and needing drugs, and more and more people selling the stuff after they bring it in and stash it here…(long sentence – sorry) the police need to be called.  The police will be called by anyone that doesn’t like something in their life… and they also will be called when something dangerous is happening – a life threatened, a home invasion, or whatever they need to be called for. And we will call – you better believe it.

Why write about it?

In our community there is a problem. The police have been trying to deal with the issues that they face on an ongoing basis.  And to deal with the problems they have to have money to do so.  It is called a Police Budget.  And with the new problems in our community and more of them… added to really important things like dogs that bark .. together with the “green house” down the street… it costs a heck of lot more to do the job.

BUT – here is the BIG BUT… the city counselors of Peterborough and the Mayor, Daryl Bennett thinks that the costs are way too high and they refused to give the Police what they asked for to do their job.  

The Mayor took on the Police Chief. He, according to what the press in our city reported, made the Police Chief look bad. He called him out at a number of community events that the Mayor spoke at.  The Police Chief simply stuck to the script and explained why the needed money had increased.

In a local paper this past few days it was reported about the number of animal calls that the police have to deal with. The Mayor – Daryl Bennett – was surprised  this was happening.  His feelings is that an animal control officer should be looking after that kind (or kinds) of call.  In fact shouldn’t all animal calls be looked after by animal people?

Like the bear that comes into our community looking for food. The Provincial MNR passed the bear control over to the local police by simply stating that they will not be dealing with “bear calls” any longer. The police will deal with it.  And the bear problem was added to everyone’s problem list when the Provincial Government made a new rule that less bears can be shot…making for more bears and less food for bears that are alive.

The Police can deal with it.  That is their job. Right?

It is quite evident to me that the city counselors of Peterborough do not have barking dogs near them, or a “green house” next to them. And if the Mayor has a bear come into his yard – who will he call when the bear tries to get into his kitchen through the screen door?

I am sure that the animal control officers that work 9 to 5 in our city will take the call in the morning – if it is the budget.

But maybe one of our city council folk will shoot the bear or the dog then the Police will come and take the shooter away.

I am writing in circles now… just like the issues that the Police try to deal with – trying to keep everyone happy – including the city counselors and His Worship Mayor Daryl Bennett.

My hat goes off to Police Chief Murray Rodd… for the very professional way that he has dealt with the city council’s approach to all of this.

In case you haven’t heard the city council is looking at ways to cut the budget. One suggestion that was laid out there to consider is to get the OPP to do the work.

Whoever thought that they would be cheaper than what we have already?

It is not about the cost to do the job – it is all about what the job requires to get it done.

In my books and mind our Police service in Peterborough is one of the best in Canada and we need to pat them on the back.

I just had an idea that may solve the problem.

Why don’t we as voters insist on having Mayor Daryl Bennett and each of his city counselors do at least one week in a uniform and walk or ride along with our Police folk. If they care about all that they are shouting about… they need to do it.

They just might have a brand new respect for what these folk have do.  I would love to see Mayor Daryl Bennett get into the “green house” in our community and start giving commands like a Mayor should to the knuckle heads that live there!!! Now that would be news!

Murray Lincoln

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