Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yesterday an Insane Man named Gary Connery jumped without a Parachute – wearing a Bremont Wingsuit

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Yesterday an Insane Man named Gary Connery jumped without a Parachute – wearing a Bremont Wingsuit
I am sitting here watching the video over and over again. I cannot believe that guy actually did it. Gary Connery – what a nut!  A daredevil is putting it mildly.

No parachute and no safety equipment – just a big kind of bed sheet made of a kite material, and attached to his body… then he jumped from 2400 feet up… right out of the door of the Helicopter! The suit is called a “Bremont Wingsuit”.

Then he fell free and fast with the wind ripping at his jump suit. Arms and legs sticking out left and right caused the material to flare open.  The guy was like a flying squirrel… only moving much faster… an estimated 150 miles per hour and then hitting the landing area at about 90 miles per hour.

Nope a chute didn’t open at the last minute… but the pile of cardboard boxes did break his fall.

I know what water feels like when you hit it fast. It is hard.

I know what the ground feels like when a bucking horse gets rid of you and you hit the ground at the full force of your own body weight.

I cannot imagine what the cardboard boxes felt like at that speed. Sure they would break the fall somewhat… but… wouldn’t that hurt too… just a little?

As I sit here today watching Gary Connery do his thing from the Helicopter, I found out that he did many stunts in many different ways, that each could have killed him.

He does Base Jumping… which is jumping from a high tower, bridge, cliff – or whatever… with a parachute on… then trying to land successfully in an open area. Often this is done over buildings such as houses or businesses… and trees… and rocks… stuff that is hard on the old body.

I watched a number of Gary’s video.  He is something else.

Ouch. I just moved a little and the ankle on my right leg is hurting big time today.  It went over on the side last night…. I sprained it I am sure.

But I didn’t jump out of the helicopter like he did. And I never hit the pile of boxes like he did. He has to be hurting today.  There just has to be some bruising on that body of his.

But he is only 42 years old… and his wounds will heal quicker than mine!

I have had dreams that are much like what Gary does with his jumps. But I don’t need to climb to a high cliff or tower… I simply take a step and away I go… over the roof tops and power lines… over tree tops and branches that swish by my feet. It is way too much fun with that dream. I am never bruised after it is done… and always look forward to dreaming more of that adventure.

That may be the reason that Gary does this. His dream is now a reality. He can live it over and over again.

What a rush!

Ouch. I just move the ankle again.  I guess I will simply watch Gary’s videos over and over again.

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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