Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Here it is… sweet and simple. “Just do one thing.”

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Today’s Blog Post
Here it is… sweet and simple.  “Just do one thing.”
After 35 years in one job I realize that most of that time was dictated by others. 99% of the time I did what others needed me to do.  Whoa – what a thought!

In some worlds one could be considered to be a slave if that is the way that you actually do your work.  I was a slave.  But instead I found creative ways to make it feel better.  I tried to set up a schedule inside of the routine of doing what I had to do for others to find “me time”.

At one point our work schedule added to problems that we were facing had sucked all our life out.  We needed to get away.  So we planned to get away from it all for a few days during this one lighter week and escape to Ottawa.  I booked a reasonable Motel room. We collected our things and away we went down the highway for the three hour drive.

We had passed the third town east of Peterborough when the cell phone rang and my secretary apologized profusely for calling. She knew how hard it had been for us to get away.

Someone had died and the funeral home had called to make sure that I was available to conduct the funeral.  It was to be in three days from that point.  We had planned to be away for six days.

Knowing the situation like I did I had to be there for the funeral service and be there to offer my help as a Minister.

Even now as I write this my chest feels the heaviness that I felt in the car that day as we drove on to Ottawa.  As much as I needed to get away, I was also needed to do this task at hand… in fact there were dozens of little tasks that I needed to do to conduct the service.

So we ran away for two days and back for the third.  Why go? Why not turn around and go home – right then?

Work was compulsive and at times my slave driver. I just had to do what I had to do… and what others wanted me to do.

It has taken me 4 years to see that was not the best way to do things.

I can remember being in such a confused state when I came into the office and having so many things to do… that I just sat and stared at the wall.  I was in bad shape and really needed to get away – but couldn’t.

I also couldn’t get anything done.

There have been some changes made in our home and life.  We have a new policy. It is very simple.  Are you ready to hear what it is?

Here it is… sweet and simple.  “Just do one thing.”
There is a new problem that came with the retirement mode… and also with the starting of a new business. 

There are many things that I have to do but nothing really I have to do if I don’t want to. But my success in what happens with what I am doing depends completely on what I get done. Oh Boy.

So I just do one thing today… or at a time… but I get it done.  The pile of have to mixed with gotta do someday stacked on and over the really important things that I would like to do – gets brushed away.

I found the cute sticky note idea of just do one thing… and am using the idea regularly – but now I have a simple note to remind me. It keeps me on track and moving ahead.

Someone asked me how I can get so much done.  My answer was simple – I just do one thing and I enjoy doing it.

Today I am off to the Mall again to meet people.  I will do one thing today. I am carving a special creation for the Catholic church where my friend is the Pastor.

I may talk to about a 100 people and be thrown off track a few times… but after they move on I go back to the one thing that is today’s work.

Simple is good.  Simple moves me ahead. Simple gets things done.

What I am doing is not simple, rather it is likely the most complicated piece of carving I have done to date.  But sticking to it and getting one thing done makes all the difference in the world.  I get lots done.

I thought I had better share my little secret today. Some of my friends are struggling with huge piles of things to do as well.

Go ahead and do just one thing – today.

Now the danger is that you just might do more than one thing today.. but it will be one thing at a time… making it so much easier!

And thanks Marc – for the sticky note idea!  Reference below

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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