Friday, May 11, 2012

The Wearing of a Mask in Canada – could be big problems for all of us – the Law is about to get new teeth

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Today’s Blog Post
The Wearing of a Mask in Canada – could be big problems for all of us – the Law is about to get new teeth
A few weeks ago I reflected on the closing of the Kingston Penitentiary (KP).  I also mentioned that yesterday in my posting about the changes happening with the pay rate for prisoners in the CSC system.

Our Canadian Conservative Government is making many changes to the system.

I have also received reports from the Kingston area of the serious reaction of the CSC Staff to the huge changes that they are now feeling with the Government decisions.

There are many that very confused by the things that they are seeing done to their jobs and the jobs of the rest of the staff.  Some feel that they could lose everything with what is happening.

There is a sense of anger and frustration as never before among the staff.  And yet still more letters and notices will be going out this month to inform more staff what will happen to their jobs.

These staff look after the most dangerous criminals that we have in our Canadian society.

Pause here…
Can you imagine working in this setting and not knowing if you will be working next month or not?  Who will be paying your mortgage or your rent?  What will happen to your family?

The Prison Staff is highly trained for this one job. Where will they go to get another Federal Prison guard job… when there is only one system like CSC in our country?

Take heart Prison Guards… your Government will look after you…
In a new announcement and comment about another new Conservative Government Legislative Bill that is now at the committee level, there is hope for our Prison Staff.

The Conservative Government is about to make it possible to throw even more people in jail. WOW!  What an opportunity for Prison Staff and the Government!

Here is the answer… ANYONE who uses a Mask while committing a crime will get 10 years in Prison!

The G20 riots – 2010 in Toronto, the Quebec Student Riots of recent weeks, The Hockey Riots and any riot that might happen from now on will take a new turn.  ANYONE wearing a Mask will be arrested and be facing a 10 year stint in our Canadian Prison system.


Mind you that penalty has always been there for someone committing a crime like bank robbery.  They can get 10 years for wearing the mask – but usually get a bigger time in prison for the actual crime.

Now they are proposing that anyone that is wearing a mask and is at the riot will be arrested then charges will be laid and the process will start.

There is a group within these recent riots that are loosely named the “Black Watch” – who usually show up to just have fun protesting and destroying things – specially anything related to the Government and Business.

Now the Government can get to the Black Watch people and put them away.

Double WOW!!

Has anyone thought this through yet?

What about Halloween?  Masks?  Teens causing trouble and a kind of “rioting”?  You know like eggs smashed on your windows… and graffiti written on the walls?

Nope that won’t happen on Halloween – even though if the Bill that they are about to pass was acted on, it could get more young people off the street earlier on that one night of the year.

But the Government leadership is looking for a specific place to apply the new potential law… Riots and Rioters.

Now think of this….
Where will they put the newly arrested, men and women and women charged with wearing a mask in a riot that were convicted and then sentenced to 10 years?

The answer is so easy I am stunned with how easy it will be!

The answer is the newly emptied Kingston Penitentiary (KP).

Now I know that I am speculating and saying some wild things about what might happen. But as our country is in need of more and more police work with more and more people protesting… the speculation is not far off.

More and more people will get more angry and more frustrated with the way that things are being run.  When the Government won’t listen and won’t respond except the way that they know they can – by force – people feel there is no other recourse… they Riot!

Take a look around the world when people are cornered and held prisoners to authoritarian attitudes of powerful Governments… they become so angry they are ready to strike out in any way possible.  Riots are a way to vote with a rock, a club, a mass of running bodies… and with a mask on.

You may think that I am saying this with my tongue in my cheek. I started that way – yes. But the more that I think of this the more scared I am for what could happen.

I have five grandsons that will become of age and will possibly start standing up for what they believe.  And if they wear a Mask – they could got to prison for 10 years.

It is far more sobering when you put your own kids and grandkids names into the scenario.

Is anyone listening to these decisions being made?

Triple WOW!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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