Monday, May 7, 2012

“I take Offense to what you have said!”

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Today’s Blog Post
“I take Offense to what you have said!”
I had written something that was supposed to be on the lighter side. The one individual that day was terribly offended by what I had placed in the Posting. Sheesh.

Some days are not good days – others are great.

You cannot please everyone I am sure.

But you can offend one or more if you are not careful.

Offense – what is it?

The answer for me is something someone doesn’t like.  It is perceived as hurtful, touches a nerve or area that is sensitive – then kerpow there is a blow up!  Feelings are hurt and someone will pay – big time!

In Church yesterday I tried to explain how “offenses’” can destroy relationships. And if there has been an offense we need to talk about it. It is something that, if left alone can destroy the person and the future of any kind of relationship.

Try starting a business after you have offended everyone in your town… it won’t happen.

Try preaching your sermon Sunday AM as a minister after you have told some stupid jokes or stories about the people listening.  Stories or jokes?  Yep… “Did you hear about the fat man that needed two seats in church… he should be giving twice as much!”  The Fat men will be offended – so will the fat women… so are my fat readers…. Even if I qualify as a Fat Writer – fat jokes don’t work real well if you want to build a following.

But then neither do stories that are passed around about you… as a minister I know about that part!! It kind of is hard to stand in a place of leadership when everyone is tearing you down.

I started counting the potential areas that I could be offended after I got out of bed Sunday AM. By the time I arrived at the church I had already counted a half dozen. I could get really turned off with what happened in just two hours. I could have sizzled for two hours on the idiots that I had come in contact with before my religious experience yesterday AM.

Now sitting before me was a congregation that had experienced 6 days of Offenses – at perhaps 6 per day. They could be potentially not in any mood to listen to what I would say about Offenses… if they let it brood in them.

Brooding takes place when a chicken sits on her eggs, keeping them warm, encouraging growth, until something comes out of the egg.

Brooding over Offenses like a chicken on eggs produces something that is not so nice as a baby chick.  What comes out is ugly to the Max and stupid beyond words.

Hatchling Offenses break apart once upon a time good friendships.

Did you hear the one about a church in the south of the USA?  The congregation showed up Sunday morning to one half of the church building.  The other part that took offense to what the others said, then took chain saws and cut the church into a left and right half… then they moved it away during the night.  Funny – right?  Not if you are the church that is left with their half… but then what would the chain saw hackers do with their half?  Maybe sing half a song, give half of their money and listen to only half of the sermon!!!???

Oh wait a minute – our church has those kind of people that do that now!

Could that be called – “Halfainity”?

But that is what some people do. “If you offend me… I am out of here! And I will take what is mine!!”

How many good friendships or family relationships were broken by this kind of reactions?

Today I vowed that I would not let Offenses committed by others against me – have any affect.  But by the time 9 AM had arrived, three people treated me like I was an idiot at the McDonald’s Restaurant – when I told them their Internet service was down and not working. The girl who had served me told me my order was double the price because I ordered no muffin… but rather an English muffin! Grrrr!

Let it go. Let it go!!!

I read over the story of Joseph again in the last few days.  This guy could have been furious with what the brothers had done to him.  At the end when they were coming to him for help(not knowing that he was Joseph) – he could have easily done some great damage to their being.

But Joseph chose not to react in that offended way.  He simply loved them.

This week’s project is to re-read the story of Joseph in Genesis Chapter 37 through to Genesis 50… and think long and hard on what is happening in this guy’s life. Hmmm?

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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