Monday, May 14, 2012

I got the Message! I got the Message! I won’t come to your country either!!

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Today’s Blog Post
I got the Message!  I got the Message!  I won’t come to your country either!!
It was a quieter time and a more peaceful time.  It was a time when the wonderful Canadian Tourists and the American Tourist were more than welcome in Mexico.

My parents traveled to the northern area of Mexico a number of times.  My mom’s sister and her family lived in southern Texas from where my uncle based his church ministry into Mexico.  It was wonderful for my parents to get to visit often and enjoy the delights of Mexico and southeastern Texas.

The photos of their trips to Mexico are still some of my mom’s most favorite things that she ponders over. So many wonderful memories…

Things have changed in Mexico. The tourists still go there but perhaps are slowing down in their trips to this ancient country that is so close to us all in the USA and Canada.

In relative terms southern Texas was closer than Toronto when you lived in Regina, Saskatchewan. Texas and Mexico were far more attractive in January and February than was the Toronto area where we lived with our two daughters. I could see why my parents chose to go south.

And add to that my dad loved to drive and a trip to Texas was so easy for him.

Even as I write this the wonderful stories of Texas and my Uncle and Aunt’s ministry in Mexico flood back to my imagination.

In this past few days more reports have come in of the northeast are of Mexico. The events happened on the road from Monterrey, Mexico and the USA Border.

The report I read was from the Vancouver Sun which states the following… quote…
Forty-nine bodies were found Sunday dumped on a highway connecting the northern Mexican metropolis of Monterrey to the U.S. border.” End quote.

And then it states toward the end of the article... quote…
“Nuevo Leon state security spokesman Jorge Domene said that a banner left at the site bore a message with the Zetas drug cartel taking responsibility for the massacre. Domene said the fact the bodies were found with the heads, hands and feet cut off will make identification difficult.” Ends quote.

Yep. That pretty well did it for me. I lost interest completely in driving down to see that area that my parents loved so much.  The site seeing that the tourist would get yesterday was more than they had been looking forward to… 49 headless, handless, and footless bodies laid out on the road for all to see.

Dental records could not be used here! (but likely don’t exist in that area with these people)

The peaceful and wonderful world that dad and mom once witnessed was now blown to bits by the horrific drug wars.

In the National Geographic Magazine May 2010 there was an excellent article of the war that is taking place in Mexico around the drug business. ( )  What a nightmare!

How can one country change that much in such a relatively short period of time?

It appears to be all about the drug trade and trafficking. 

It is all about the poor people of Mexico being used by much more powerful Cartel People from more southern countries moving drugs through Mexico to the USA and Canada.

It is all about the thirst/hunger for more and more illicit drugs for our own use in Canada.  Sheesh that almost sounds like a medical need – we are sick so we need more drugs to help us get better!!!!

In our short period of time in Peterborough things have changed in this idyllic little community.  Drug use is up with more and more of the illegal product being needed by more and more people.

One policeman that I spoke to about the problem stated it in this way.  “Murray, the drugs flowing into Peterborough from surrounding areas is like Niagara Falls pouring into our streets.”  He went on to explain that dealing with it was like trying to use a Tea Cup to catch the water.

How can it be?

When I arrived and began the work I was to do at the church the youth group numbered about 35 teens. Some were great kids. Some were not so great.  And some were dealing drugs right within the youth group.  I witnessed it taking place right in front of me – with my own eyes. They thought that an older minister would never understand!

Now that statement alone… will likely shock the stuffing out of the “good Christian” folk at the church. Imagine their own youth group was using and dealing the stuff!

I can’t say where they purchased it from our how they got it… I just knew they did it – even in church.

(Like I have said before… the book I write will reveal it all – but it may not contain some things because I could be threatened with lawsuits from “good Christian” folk… if I told what I really know.)

When I began my Ministry in Oakville, Ontario 35 years ago the drug problem was huge.  The church was actively involved in loving these young people that had been hooked on the stuff.

One young man that I worked with was a dentist’s son. He had it all and had no need of ever struggling for finances. Yet he became involved in the drug trade. 

He wanted a job and to make a little extra. The contact was made with him somehow. He was to drive a vehicle that the traffickers owned to Windsor, Ontario and back to Oakville.  As a young kid of about 19 years old no one would ever suspect him.

He drove down empty and back full.  In the car there was always about one quarter to one half a million dollars in street drugs ready for distribution.  The trips were many and steady. He was a good driver.

Along with huge payouts after each trip – maybe $2000 to $3000 per trip at two trips per week – he was loaded.

He also could afford any drugs he personally wanted and used.

How did I know all that?  He came to me to get help with his addiction and find a hiding place from his handlers/employers. It was during that time as he began to clean up and get better that he told me what he had done.

We had been able to get him a job at a Fast Food place that was paying minimum wage of the early 1970s… which may have been about $4.00 per hour then.

He told me that working for $32 per day was so far below his standard of doing things that he had to quit. He didn’t want to do the illegal stuff anymore but $32 per day just made him angry and wanting to get back to the real money.

That part of my story brings me back to 49 dead people laying on the highway yesterday near Monterrey and the US Border. These poor people found that it was much easier to simply work for the drug trade than it was to make next to nothing serving fat tourists by selling and making handbags. (my guess..)

Now there is talk at our Federal Government level… maybe we should make drug use legal, place it in Government Stores, put high taxes on the product and control its distribution… maybe that will help… maybe.

If anyone ever suggests that to you – think of 49 bodies lying on the highway sans head, hands and feet.

God we need your help – big time!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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