Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Holy Mackerel – Our Country is in Trouble – Happy May Day

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Today’s Blog Post
Holy Mackerel – Our Country is in Trouble – Happy May Day

Almost every day now I read of more people losing their jobs in our Government services.  Each department has had some loss and from the look of it, it seems to be a lot in the Ottawa area.

Where will they go to get jobs? And will they be able to get a job in their field of expertise?  For years they have followed faithfully each day doing and improving their abilities at the job they have.

In our city two more places of business have closed in the last few weeks and months. Actually it may be more than that depending how far you go back.

When people are out of their jobs and no longer collect a salary… they also can no longer pay the huge taxes that they were paying on their salaries. They also will not likely be able to pay the mortgage that they have been carrying.

Now if enough of these people have the same problem and live in the same area, there will be too many houses for sale. Too many houses for sale will mean no one will sell their house.  Many houses then will be into default and the bank will take it over.

I wonder if the Government of Canada will announce the unemployment figures for this period of time?  Maybe not? I think that the cuts have been so great that this department will not be able to report because they do not have the staff.

As you read this from outside of Canada you will not understand I am sure.

But if you are in Spain or Greece you will. The Governments there also are in trouble but even more so the whole country is in great trouble as well.  People need to sell their houses – but cannot. There is no one to buy them.  The Government is in huge trouble but cannot get free of the debt and so it cuts everything… and raises the prices on what they provide – or reduce the amount they pay out – i.e. pensions and benefits. This puts more and more people into a crisis mode. How will they survive?

Yet – a few months ago I was reading about “them” – now I am reading about “us”. Their story is not nearly as important as ours is.  But we need to read their stories so that we can see what is coming next for our Canadian Community.

Gloom and Doom?  I bet you have stopped reading already.  Is it all that bad? Really?

I don’t think it is really. We need to make some huge changes in our decision making. We need to stop doing things that cost huge amounts.

We just got the bill for our get-a-way to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Oh boy.  I should have stayed home… but desperately needed the break from it all in our house.  Now I pay it off slowly. Mind you I did make enough money to pay it off… but… that money was needed to pay off another unexpected bill.

Maybe that is why the Government is in trouble as well.  They made enough to pay off their adventure of the last 10 years, but then some unexpected bills came up.

Bills related to Osama Bin Laden and Omar Gadhafi and the small wars we got involved in.  They were great exercises for our Canadian Military but I am paying for that now.  There is a huge cost involved in these learning experiences.

My Prime Minister and my Government Leaders are all over the world promoting us. Other countries are entertaining our leaders because they see us a place that will buy more of their goods. 

Someone should tell these country leaders that our Prime Minister just has to fire all his Servants from the big and expensive jobs they were doing… we are broke. 

Please stop sending your goods to us – even though we look like we are wealthy – we are not!

But Christmas is coming. It is only 8 months away. The grand kids will need lots of gifts. The kids will need lots of clothing and fun stuff, i-Pads and new Flat Screen TV for their rooms… and definitely a new computer that is bigger, better and smaller at the same time.

Yep – the dark clouds are rolling in from the North East of where we live. That is where Ottawa is.

This is May Day. The day that stops and thinks of all the advancements for Labor and Workers. It is a kind of freedom day I think.

But today a few hundred more of the Servants of Canada are packing their bags and cleaning out their desks.

And empty desk next to the ones that are left will be even more slowing for production in that office. Talk about depressing – your friend was fired and you weren’t.

Early this morning in Las Vegas, they imploded a multistory garage. It was so cool watching it blow up and the dust that flew out of it was amazing. As I watched I wondered how long it would take to see the dust to settle and how many things would be affected by that implosion.

In Ottawa today there is lots of dust settling.

In Regina, Winnipeg, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Windsor and city after city the dust is settling from the layoff, dismissal, and job loss.

I am sad today. And if you weren’t before you started reading this – you need to think of our “Canadian friends” that are now without any hope.


~ Murray Lincoln ~

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