Thursday, May 17, 2012

Riots and Rioters - Where do they think the kids learn it from?

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Today’s Blog Post
Riots and Rioters - Where do they think the kids learn it from?
Protesting Students… wow – 2011 and 2012 will go down in history books of Canada as one of the life changing experiences for our communities. It is a serious situation for our authorities to deal with.

Some of us oldies are watching the protests of students with great interest.  Some of us wish that it would stop. Others wish that it would just go away. Some are frightened by the reports of what has happened in the last few days.  Our communities have become dangerous… something has stirred these young people up.

Why?  How come? What is the cause behind it all?  These are just a few questions that swirl inside of my mind.

Many past the age of 60 will remember the riots of USA Universities when the Black and White issues were flying in everyone’s face.  Then we remember the riots produced by the anti-Vietnam War people.

For us oldies student actions are not new. Some of us led our own “riots” (protests) away back when.  We were also involved in protests and sit ins and making our displeasure felt. We tried in our own ways to make it plain to anyone that would listen.

Back here in Peterborough we have watched a long and drawn out fight between local students at the PCVS High School and the School Board.  News Media has picked up the local fight and broadcast it far and wide.

What is not really well publicized is the fact that behind the Peterborough (my community) protests are a number of adults that have organized and pushed to keep this fight going.  They have also funded the court challenge that is attempting to stop the closure of the High School part of PCVS.

There is a cloak of “School Spirit” thrown out there to try and get supporters and sympathizers to support their efforts.

At 68 I admit that I was a “protester”, I was vocal in my time against the indignities that I felt about a cause or two. But I admit also that I never maliciously destroyed property or harmed another human being by protesting. I never took anyone to court because they wouldn’t do it my way. But I did protest.

(And I still protest in whatever way I can. This Blog is often a kind of protest that is being read by many – and maybe even having some small effect on one or two.)

But something new has taken place in our society with the new manifestation of the new protesters that are showing up in more and more places.

Quebec is our most recent example or violent and well organized protests.  These students are defying their own Government who they say is not listening to them.

However in Ontario, back a few years ago now, the G20 protests that were held in Toronto were ugly and a blight on the city.  Reports have just been released to let everyone know what was done wrong by everyone.  The report should be showing us all what shouldn’t happen.

Over all the idea of holding a G20 in the middle of a very busy city was insane. Having it close to the very expensive properties that could be used as targets to strike blows against the establishment – was insane!  If they held the meetings away from that area say on the edge of the city rioters could not have smashed windows in an open field.

But then there were riots at the end of Hockey Games that were lost – both Montreal and Vancouver have records that show people will explode and have very short fuses when they do not get their own way.

Tada… there is one of the secrets… people that don’t get their own way get angry. In fact a whole generation of people are now coming up through the system that have basically always got their own way. They have been “taught” or “allowed” to simply expect the whole world to bow to them.

Don’t tell us what we don’t want to know!  We know better than any expert or any one that points to reality. We simply will not accept it when we cannot have what we want – and we want it now.

Yesterday a Grandmother stopped by my table to look at my Wood Carving and Tatting. While speaking with her we talked about the youth of today… actually she talked and I listened.

It all happened around my Harry Potter Wand set that I have carved.

She unloaded on me her complete sadness that came as a result of the past weekend.

She has a cottage about an hour’s drive from Peterborough. Her son and his family come down from another community about one hour’s drive north of the cottage. They meet to spend the weekend at the lake and have fun together just as they have every year since her two grandkids were born.

Her granddaughter is now 15, has turned into a holy terror. Last year she was a lovely 14 year old that had fun with her grandmother in so many ways.  This summer she hates her mother… swears at her and tells her that she can “Go to hell!” and that “I hate your guts!”

The grandmother is beside herself trying to understand the granddaughter. The granddaughter has some very bad friends and some really nasty boy-friends. The mother and father cannot control the kid at all!

The grandson is younger, perhaps around 12 years old. He is a high demand youngster. He wants more and more games for his computer and his hand held gaming devices. In conversation with his dad about this, dad wasn’t sure that the kid needed more games and thought he should get out more.  The kid’s response was to yell at his dad, “I know that you can afford it. I want you to buy it now!”

It is true. The dad and mom have all the money they will ever need. The family is well off. The kids lack for nothing. But the kids lack discipline and respect… and this grandmother, who is a complete stranger to me, poured out her heart at the table with me.

She is so sick of her grandkids that she wishes they wouldn’t come back right now!

I asked her if the grandkids ever talked that way to her as their grandmother.  Her response to my question was an emphatic, “They wouldn’t dare speak to me that way! I would never allow it!”

Mom and Dad allow it. But not grandma – with her that would never happen and the kids know it!!!

After a long talk together right in the middle of the Mall… she thanked my over and over again for listening.

I can’t help wondering if every rioter today in Quebec is not a whole lot like the 15 year old granddaughter… and the 12 year old grandson.  No one ever taught them respect and showed them how valuable discipline was for their own lives.

But it wasn’t the grandparents that raised these kids… it was the parents… how sad can that be.

Is it that the parents never showed the kids how to respect something? Is it because the parents never showed self-discipline to the children – so the kids never experienced this rare commodity in this generation?

But then there are our own governments that very often show little respect for their own people they govern… and also display very little self-discipline.  A minister in our government can lie, cheat and get away with a kind of crime – and never be disciplined.

Where do they think the kids learn it from?

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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