Monday, May 21, 2012

But I don’t need one – do I? Oh Boy

But I don’t need one – do I? Oh Boy

Before the Blog Post - We Need your Help!
Chris Oliver is a Writer, Director, Editor and Videographer. His company is CCO Productions and he does excellent work.  905-269-3871

Chris has produced the following video that features my business. It is entitled “A CFDC Success Story - Murray's Story – Ontario” or found on YouTube at

As you will see this video is about my personal connections with the Northumberland CFDC and how much they helped me with the starting up and running of Misty Hollow Carving. In 2008 my dream to launch a business became a reality.

This year and in these few short days, until May 23rd, this next Wednesday, there is a small competition taking place.  This video that Chris produced will be possibly shown (as the winner) at the National AGM of the CFDC (Community Futures Development Corporation) from across Canada.

How can you help?
The voting process happens by you click into YouTube on this video and LIKE it.  In order to VOTE for this video you need to click on LIKE. BUT in order for the LIKE to be recorded – YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO YOUTUBE!

How can you Log In?
1 -If you already have a YouTube Account – you will be able to Click “Like”.
2 - If you have a Gmail account – you will be able to Click “Like” as well (YouTube recognizes Gmail and is connected to it)
3 - Don’t have that – then simply get a Gmail address from the Gmail people – it is free and one of the best email programs going. You do this by using your present email address in the registration process.  It is a GREAT BACKUP email program – i.e. have all your present emails forwarded to your new Gmail account – YOU WILL NEVER LOSE AN EMAIL AGAIN! AND IT IS FREE!!!!

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Today’s Blog Post
But I don’t need one – do I? Oh Boy

“What does this button do?”

I pressed it and the new menu came up. “Whoa! What happens when you push this next one?’

I pressed or selected the new one and something different happened.

I wish they would have sent along an instruction manual with this camera!

The camera is actually on my Cell Phone which I usually use for communication with people. I seldom use the camera part – so I never take time to become familiar with it.

Bingo – I learned something new. This camera can shoot some amazing shots that were never possible on other cameras. What will they think of next.

I stood at the edge of the Little Lake and looked at what I just captured on my small Cell Phone.  Now I could email these from my Cell Phone to whoever was on my list – and all my email addresses are there. The Cell Phone would quickly change the image to a smaller size to send… and away it would go.

I decided against that and when I came home I pulled the tiny card from the side of Cell Phone and transferred it to the Computer… manipulated it to a smaller size for this Blog and there it is for all to see.  Too cool!

I stood beside the lake last evening thinking of how much things have changed in my short life. Just with cameras alone it has been staggering… let alone everything else.
Here are some of my shots... plus using the amazing Panoramic feature...

I am older now and much wiser. I am also out of date. I don’t like all the rapid changes but can get used to the idea – if it would only come slower.

My Cell Phone as amazing as it is… is now OLD…. And I have had it only a few months.

The new Cell Phones can let me watch as much TV as I would like to…making the buying of a new $600 to $1000 TV useless!  The new Cell Phone is dirt cheap.

But I don’t need one – do I? Oh Boy – this getting old is too fast.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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