Friday, May 25, 2012

Gary Connery, My Mother’s False Teeth and a swarm of Bees

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Gary Connery, My Mother’s False Teeth and a swarm of Bees
Lordy. Lordy!

It just has to be the fact that I watched Gary Connery jump from that Helicopter without a chute!  Or maybe it was the fact that my mother was in a complete panic in that she lost her false teeth… or maybe it was the fact that last night an entire bee colony came into our tree for their new home? I do not know! All that happened during the day!!!

The dream last night was so wild and so persistent that even after waking up and with my eyes wide open the anxiety that I felt all through the dream was still there. Lying there early, with my eyes wide open I still was trying to solve the problems the dream was filled with!!!!

I hate that kind of dreaming.

Some wise person said that the dreams we have are a result of the brain trying to unload all that happened that day. Perhaps there are unresolved issues in your mind and it is still trying to solve the problems.

Hokey Mokey I don’t need to go back and try to organize the entire Church Organization that was or maybe is so fouled up. The bimbos in my dream were nuts. They were impossible to work with and super stupid. And each one was someone that is real and were very much a part of my life.

What a bunch of idiots!  No kidding!  In my dream they were just nuts!

Worse yet my wife had dropped me off in another city, returned home, it was snowing and lots of slush on the street… and I had no money to get home… no money for food… and the idiot that was leading the meeting made the conditions for me worse than ever.

It was in that slushy snow and cold city with no money that I woke up.

My mind perhaps was trying to solve the problem but the problem was too big… so it said, “Wake up fool!  These idiots won’t listen anyway!”

I almost want to call some of the guys in my dream today… and apologize for the way that I felt about them in my dream!  But they were idiots so I won’t.

Gary Connery went on to land on the pile of cardboard boxes. My mother never lost her teeth – she had put them in her teeth container. And the bees will know better than to mess with me… most are dead this AM… ahem. (Sure… sure… I saw the Bee movie… and guilt is there again!)

Now I am about to start another day and load up again… more guilt trips… more problems to solve… and stuff to do… things to fix… and it is called life.

I am not sure that I want to go to sleep again. If those idiots are in my dream again – I am going to blast them… I have the blaster ready.

Why does this happen to me? I never did much wrong yesterday… just a little. Grrr… umph!
~ Murray Lincoln ~

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