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I CARE – How about you? And I am very thankful for the Government’s decision

I am absolutely delighted that the following report has been released for the community to read.

On October 1, 2009 I published a piece on this Blog about “WAKE UP AND DO THE RIGHT THING??? !!!! ????” – telling the accurate account of the Canadian Government’s decision to not fund the COSA Program any longer.

Well it seems that the decision has now been reversed… or in their idea has been completed and the Minister in charge of this has signed it off or through – simply approved of it…!

Here is a portion of the article by Bruce Cheadle – Quote -
Tories agree to fund sex-crime program after outcry
Thu Oct 8, 6:47 PM
By Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - The Harper government has agreed to fund a program aimed at keeping convicted sex offenders from committing more crimes - apparently reversing an earlier rejection of the acclaimed project.

Some $7.4 million in federal funding will be provided over five years for Circles of Support and Accountability, the office of Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan confirmed Thursday.

"By deciding today to fund this program, our government is taking concrete action to make our communities safer," spokesman Chris McCluskey said in an email.

The five-year deal will help the largely volunteer organization double the number of sex offenders in the program to about 300 next year, and more closely monitor results to determine what works best with offenders once they've served their sentences.

"We got the thumbs up," Andrew McWhinnie, the national co-ordinator of the 15-year-old program, told The Canadian Press.

He'd originally been informed that the funding application had been spiked by the minister's office after getting bureaucratic approval.

McWhinnie credits news coverage of that rejection for reversing the decision: "Had we not gone the public route, we probably still would be dead in the water today."
End Quote

I did send a copy to my MP and also to my local Police Station. The Police Officer returned my email with concern. My MP – I suppose – talked to his fellow MPs – but no comment back to me(I think I send him too many comments now – I am a “humming Fly’ in their office and a simple nuisance). I sent a copy to a Local Newspaper who never replied either.

But I was not the only one that saw the potential stupidity in this ‘Get Tough Attitude’ of our present Government. As one Canadian standing alone – this time I am very happy that we have a Minority Government – with a Majority Government and stiff necked/hard lined people that don’t want to listen – there would likely be no more COSA… and things could be much worse.

Locally in Peterborough, Dan Haley – our Community Chaplain, could not be more happy and relieved. The programs that offer vital support and encouragement will be able to continue. Without it Dan may have been looking for another job or source of income to support his ministry – and the program would potentially be dead!

Peterborough needs to realize that the quiet and hidden ministries like Peterborough Community Chaplaincy(particularly the COSA portion) accomplish a huge work in keeping the community safe.

Our local Police recognize what value the Peterborough Community Chaplaincy has within the community. They definitely know how important the COSA – Circles or Support and Accountability is in their work.

One Officer stated, “We could not do what we are suppose to do without COSA, they become our eyes and ears when looking after the former Sex Offender. The value of the Circle or Support cannot be over stated – without it – some of these guys would be back in prison and there would potentially be more VICTIMS!”

Within Peterborough “the Church” sometimes supports Dan and his ministry… but sometimes it does not.

His own Church, Northview Pentecostal Church, is behind him all the way. The folk that pray regularly and faithfully are always there to encourage this ministry. They have watched Dan’s life and his love for everyone.

Not long ago one of the dear older ladies asked Dan, “Dan how are the fellows in the House doing? I am praying for them. Let them know.”

This little person knows all about what is happening and prays regularly. From her small income she sometimes is able to support too. But the money part is not as important as the prayer part.

When the Canadian Government changed it is mind and decided to support the COSA funding – a politician will somewhere take credit for what was done.

But I feel I have another answer.

One little lady that is quite frail and not able to do what she has done in the past – simply prayed. In her prayer she told God how concerned she was for the guys that have come from prison. She told God what she knew about Dan Haley and how he is such great guy. Then she told God that a Government authority somewhere – needed to lose some sleep tonight and continue doing so until he signed an important piece of paper. And – I believe God heard her and did something about it!

I do wish that every church’s Pastor would allow their people to at least hear about what is happening. But sadly the offer to get Dan to their church stops with the Pastor. He feels, for some reasons that I will not mention, that his people are not ready to hear what Dan has to say. Or I should say that in most cases he simply sets the offer aside until he or she is positive that other churches have done this first – scared skinny is the likely answer.

If every church would realize that within their congregation are many families that have suffered the embarrassment of having one of their kids in trouble with the law… they would realize that Dan Haley could and would minister to them by simply offering them hope.

If every Pastor would realize that he or she do not need to look like they have all the answers – Dan could and would help them.

I am musing when I make the next statement. It is not amusing!

In Peterborough there are whole lot of “Little Popes” that have the final say in what the congregation does and doesn’t hear from God. Today a lot of those “Little Popes” will stand and give what God has told them to say today. But their congregation will never hear how one local man and his team of 100+ volunteers have kept the community safe one more week!

So maybe by this stage in this posting you might have guessed that I SUPPORT DAN HALEY and COSA and GUYS FROM PRISON and GUYS IN PRISON and DO WHATEVER IS NEEDED TO GET THE JOB DONE… If you did – you guessed right.

As a Pastor for 10 years in this community – I heard God speak to me clearly… and he talked often of my need to wake up and help the ones that no one else would or could help.

Some people were uncomfortable with me and my prayers.

I had prayed that prayer long and earnestly – then Dan Haley walked into my life and Northview church. He had walked out of another church where his son had been molested… but that is another story.

I CARE – How about you? And I am very thankful for the Government’s decision to support the most valuable ministry ever!!!! And I am thankful for one little lady that prayed a quiet prayer to “help her leaders” be just a little uncomfortable.

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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