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Food Court-ology – the basic study of creatures that come to the City’s Watering Hole at the Mall – Part Two

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Food Court-ology – the basic study of creatures that come to the City’s Watering Hole at the Mall – Part Two
It had to be Christmas that brought out the really different people. Mind you Peterborough has large number of very different people – but this Holiday Season the Mall was filled with more than usual… thus the assumption that they came from other places… or came home for the holidays.
Let me explain.
Standing in front of me was the strangest looking guy that I have seen for a long time. He was tall and when I looked up my eye caught the attention getter that he was sporting. He had huge ear plugs in his earlobe. By huge I mean they were at least two inches across. His poor earlobe was stretched to go around the ring plug he has selected for that day.  The skin of that stretched part was almost purple but stayed at a rose red colour.  He and his studded female friend in the line had just come in from outside. And OUTSIDE was about Minus 14 C!
The poor ear lobes were just on the verge of freezing I imagine.
Now how do I know all this… well it is my task as I pursue my Food Court-ology that I look closely.  And having him situate himself in the food lineup – right in front with my nose almost in the ear plug ring – I could see quite well.
Mr. Ear Plug Ring Guy may be the nicest guy you could ever meet, but he seemed to bristle with the plugs and studs in other parts of his body.  Like he was saying, “I am purposely weird to make you freak out as you see me. I may be your Cancer Specialist or Cardiologist in a year of so… until then you have to just deal with what you see.”
No kidding this ringed and stapled and punched out and studded up next generation will be looking after us oldies soon.  And other than be freaked out when the guy comes in with no earlobe(as it froze and then fell off) I guess he can advise me on my personal hygiene as a Senior sitting in his Office as  Doctor.
No kidding… at the Mall there are all kinds of Geeks and Freaks that are there just for the observing.
Not long after seeing the dude with the plugs/rings I was reading an article in the latest National Geographic Magazine. The article was about a group of Aboriginal people leaving near the Amazon River in Brazil. They have their children’s ears pierced and a plug inserted – about the size of a Magic Marker. They believe that the extra hole in the ear opens the mind to understand better.  Their word in their language for “Stupid” is simple described as “no hole in the ear”!  In other words if you don’t have a plug in your ear – you are dumb or stupid!
Relating that back to the dude in Lansdowne Place Food Court, I can easily assume the statement I make about his being a Doctor in the near future is true.
I am off again to do more study at the Mall’s Food Court today. Too cold outside to do much more – so inside for coffee and watch people again.  University students and High School students are still off – so it should be a good day to collect more data.
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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