Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Pleasure of Me-Time

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The Pleasure of Me-Time
The definition of “me-time” states “the time a person has to himself or herself, in which to do something for his or her own enjoyment”.
How me-time much do you get each week?  How about in a day – do you get me-time?  Time just for you to sit and enjoy what you love doing… do you get it?
I planned when I retired that “me-time” would increase… or at least I would discover some for myself.  But that didn’t really happen the way that I thought it would.
Me-time now is “she-time” – it is all about Granny… my Mom that is. She is requiring more and more time as she ages quickly.  Almost every detail from the time she gets up until the time she goes to bed is in need of assistance. But she does hold her own glass and lifts her own spoon with food on it – and does walk to the table along with the bathroom walk by herself. What happens at the table and in the bathroom needs assistance.
I don’t do she-time real well.  My wife helps with the she-time.
But then both my wife and I hoped for me-time.
She squeezes it in later at night when she reads her book. I get a little reading in at the coffee shop or later at night as well.
But when Mom is awake you are always aware of the she-time, she-problems, she-safety and she-everything… which if you are not careful she can get a little bit upset.
I am starting to realize what a mother of young children is all about – as she struggles for her own me-time.
I am seeing more and more that parents of teens struggle for the me-time moments as well.
In fact in almost every area we all need more me-time or perhaps our first me-times that haven’t been there in months.
In my working career I was at the beck and call of all my “clients” as a minister.  60 to 70 hour work weeks were the possible if you weren’t careful.  Retirement came and I was sure that the 60 to 70 hour work weeks would stop when the pay stopped.  Poof with that idea.  Didn’t happen. We just witnessed other things come along that took more and more time away from me.
Yesterday I had to stop at the Mall to buy something. I took my book to read. I bought a coffee and sat still. I read and sipped until the coffee was cold.  When I looked at my watch I realized that I had been there for two hours doing nothing but what I wanted to do.  It was a ME-TIME supreme.
I came home to confess to my wife that I had burned up 120 minutes doing nothing but me-time stuff. She rolled her eyes and told me what she-time needed and what she had been dealing with.  I realize now that she needs a break too… and today we might get 60 minutes of me-time – each.  We have until 3 PM when I have to pick up four teens to take them for their volunteer time at Lang Pioneer Village.
So me-time is important… for each of us… and most importantly for you… your time is away is vital for the “me” in you.
Go for it… grab a good book… and sit still… just “Go for it”
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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